What's the difference between application & profile views?

How a view appears depends on how the Employer uses the network. When you apply to a job using the Mandy Network, the Employer gets an email with your cover letter, any additional files and a link to your profile. If an Employer then clicks this link in the email to log in and view your profile, it gets registered as an Application View.

Not all Employers use the site in this way. They might read your cover letter and look at your files and generally get a good understanding of whether you're suitable for the role, but never click that link to your profile.

Or perhaps they read your cover letter and then log in to their account on the Mandy Network directly, bypassing the link, and view your profile that way – and that's when it gets registered as a Profile View.

We know how important is to know about the status of your applications and we do try to provide as much information as possible, but Application and Profile Views should be seen as a guideline as you wait to hear directly from the employer.

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