Max Anglesea


  • Band Role
  • Organised Mess Lead Singer/Rhythm Guitar


YearRole / TypeName of Production / DirectorCompany / Venue
Composing / Arranging
Brian and LucyMax Anglesea
  • About me

    My family is very musical, and from a young age I can remember being surrounded by music. Whenever my family would get together they would play instruments and I was amazed by how easy they made it look to play along with each other. This developed into a very loving place in my heart, meaning I would later in life teach myself to play the guitar, piano and drums as well as sing. It has also led me to be able to start writing my own songs and recently I have been recording and producing them by myself.

    Going to college has allowed me to develop a wide range of skills and a broader aspect of music theory, culture and the possibilities that freelance work could bring. I have appreciated learning about film and music and the different leitmotifs that certain characters can have as it has allowed me to apply it to other aspects of my work. I was surprised to discover my enjoyment of foley work and this is something I continue to listen out for and use some of the techniques when writing and recording music.

    I have worked with lots of people in the past recording certain tracks and performing with local bands, I take pride in all work that I do and always try to finish all of my work so that the outcome is the best it can be.

    Additional Skills

    I have very good digital literacy skills allowing me to record and use DAWs efficiently and effectively. I am also knowledgable about recording techniques meaning I can record and produce lots of different styles of music.

  • Skills

    Musical Style
    • A capella
    • Acid Rock
    • Acoustic
    • Ambient
    • Blues
    • Britpop
    • Chicago blues
    • Classic rock
    • Close harmony
    • Country
    • Experimental
    • Grunge
    • Hip hop
    • Indie
    • Pop
    • Punk
    • Rap
    • Rock
    • Soul
    Home Studio
    • Yes
    Languages Spoken
    • English
    • Welsh
    Years in industry
    • 6+ years
    Primary Instrument
    • Guitar
    DBS checked
    • Yes
    Interested in
    • Composing/Arranging
    • Live Performance
    • Production / Engineering
    • Songwriter
    Musical Skills
    • Bass Guitar
    • Guitar
    • Keyboard
    • Piano
    • Ukulele