"Remember that someone always believes in you even if you don't" with actress Gielliane Althea

Best known for her work on the TV series Snatch, actress Gielliane Althea talks to Mandy News about her upcoming appearance on Maleficent 2 and how she copes with the pressures of auditioning both live and on tape. 

14th February 2019
/ By James Collins

Gielliane Althea IMDB

How did you get involved in the Film industry?  

Since knowing that I wanted to be an Actor, the film industry was the industry I was going to tackle no matter what! Although, I am a tiny spec within in it, I am determined to make my mark!

How did you get involved with 'Maleficent 2'? 

Good ol' auditioning! My agent sent me for an audition with the wonderful Reg Poerscout-Edgerton and his team last April and it was one of the quickest auditions I have ever had, literally in and out! 

Then we heard nothing for about 3 months so naturally we forgot all about it. Turned out that for a month I was on pencil and my agent very wisely kept this info from me as I may have just gone crazy waiting for the yes or no, eventually he called me to tell me I had been cast and would soon be on my way to Pinewood studios to shoot.

How do you become the characters you are portraying, what is your process?  

For me, it's about learning their ins and outs as an individual. I think about their past and future and what has lead them to act, behave and think a certain way. 

Do you have a process for approaching auditions, does this change from live auditions and taping?  

For auditions both in person and self-taping, I make sure I am fully aware of the scene and my character's intentions and actions. I rehearse my lines until I am comfortable with the script and just relax. Being relaxed and not overthinking is key in giving your 110%.

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What are you working on at the moment/what have you got coming up? 

At the moment, I am trying to take my time and hone my techniques! Especially my American accent as I want it to be second nature! I'm good at it but I want to be better, I am also due to start shooting on another feature which sadly I can’t talk about at this time but it should be a lot of fun.

What advice do you have for up-and-coming actors? 

Always remember that someone always believes in you even if you don't.

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