• ​The Golden Globe Awards 2018 nominations – complete list

    THE NOMINATIONS for the 75th Golden Globe awards were announced on NBC's Today show from the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

    12th Dec 2017By Matthew Whitehouse

    Nomineesfor best drama include Dunkirk, Call Me by Your Name, The Shape ofWater and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri.

    Hereis the full list of Golden Globe 2018 nominees:


    CallMe By Your Name
    The Post
    The Shape of Water
    ThreeBillboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

    Comedyor musical
    TheDisaster Artist
    Get Out
    The Greatest Showman
    I, Tonya

    GuillermoDel Toro, TheShape of Water
    MartinMcDonagh, ThreeBillboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
    ChristopherNolan, Dunkirk
    RidleyScott, Allthe Money in the World
    StevenSpielberg, ThePost

    Actressin a drama
    JessicaChastain, Molly'sGame
    SallyHawkins, TheShape of Water
    FrancesMcDormand, ThreeBillboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
    MerylStreep, ThePost
    MichelleWilliams, Allthe Money in the World

    Actorin a drama
    TimothéeChalamet, CallMe By Your Name
    DanielDay-Lewis, PhantomThread
    TomHanks, ThePost
    GaryOldman, DarkestHour
    DenzelWashington, RomanJ. Israel, Esq.

    Actressin a comedy or musical
    JudiDench, Victoria& Abdul
    HelenMirren, TheLeisure Seeker
    MargotRobbie, I,Tonya
    SaoirseRonan, LadyBird
    EmmaStone, Battleof the Sexes

    Actorin a musical or comedy
    SteveCarell, Battleof the Sexes
    AnselElgort, BabyDriver
    JamesFranco, TheDisaster Artist
    HughJackman, TheGreatest Showman
    DanielKaluuya, GetOut

    MaryJ. Blige, Mudbound
    HongChau, Downsizing
    AllisonJanney, I,Tonya
    LaurieMetcalf, LadyBird
    OctaviaSpencer, TheShape of Water

    WillemDafoe, TheFlorida Project
    ArmieHammer, CallMe By Your Name
    RichardJenkins, TheShape of Water
    ChristopherPlummer, Allthe Money in the World
    SamRockwell, ThreeBillboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

    FantasticWoman (Chile)
    FirstThey Killed My Father (Cambodia)
    Inthe Fade (Germany/France)
    Loveless (Russia)
    TheSquare (Sweden/Germany/France)

    TheBoss Baby
    The Breadwinner
    Loving Vincent

    Guillermodel Toro and Vanessa Taylor, TheShape of Water
    GretaGerwig, LadyBird
    LizHannah and Josh Singer, ThePost
    MartinMcDonagh, ThreeBillboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
    AaronSorkin, Molly’sGame


    TheCrown (Netflix)
    TheHandmaid's Tale (Hulu)
    ThisIs Us (NBC)
    StrangerThings (Netflix)
    Gameof Thrones (HBO)

    Musicalor comedy
    Black-ish (ABC)
    TheMarvelous Mrs. Maisel (Amazon)
    Masterof None (Netflix)
    Smilf (Showtime)
    Will& Grace (NBC)

    Movieor limited series
    BigLittle Lies (HBO)
    Fargo (FX)
    Feud:Bette and Joan (FX)
    TheSinner (USA)
    Topof the Lake: China Girl (Sundance)

    Actressin a drama
    CaitrionaBalfe, Outlander
    ClaireFoy, TheCrown
    MaggieGyllenhaal, TheDeuce
    KatherineLangford, 13Reasons Why
    ElisabethMoss, TheHandmaid's Tale

    Actorin a drama
    JasonBateman, Ozark
    SterlingK. Brown, ThisIs Us
    FreddieHighmore, TheGood Doctor
    BobOdenkirk, BetterCall Saul
    LievSchreiber, RayDonovan

    Actressin a musical or comedy
    PamelaAdlon, BetterThings (FX)
    AlisonBrie, Glow (Netflix)
    RachelBrosnahan, TheMarvelous Mrs. Maisel (Amazon)
    IssaRae, Insecure (HBO)
    FrankieShaw, Smilf (Showtime)

    Actorin a musical or comedy
    AnthonyAnderson, Black-ish (ABC)
    AzizAnsari, Masterof None (Netflix)
    KevinBacon, ILove Dick (Amazon)
    WilliamH. Macy, Shameless (Showtime)
    EricMcCormack, Will& Grace (NBC)

    Actressin a movie or limited series
    JessicaBiel, TheSinner (USA)
    NicoleKidman, BigLittle Lies (HBO)
    JessicaLange, Feud:Bette and Joan (FX)
    SusanSarandon, Feud:Bette and Joan (FX)
    ReeseWitherspoon, BigLittle Lies (HBO)

    Actorin a movie or limited series
    RobertDe Niro, TheWizard of Lies (HBO)
    JudeLaw, TheYoung Pope (HBO)
    KyleMacLachlan, TwinPeaks (Showtime)
    EwanMcGregor, Fargo (FX)
    GeoffreyRush, Genius (NatGeo)

    Supportingactress in a series, miniseries or TV movie
    LauraDern, BigLittle Lies (HBO)
    AnnDowd, TheHandmaid's Tale (Hulu)
    ChrissyMetz, ThisIs Us (NBC)
    MichellePfeiffer, TheWizard of Lies (HBO)
    ShaileneWoodley, BigLittle Lies (HBO)

    Supportingactor in a series, miniseries or TV movie
    DavidHarbour, StrangerThings (Netflix)
    AlfredMolina, Feud:Bette and Joan (FX)
    ChristianSlater, Mr.Robot (USA)
    AlexanderSkarsgård, BigLittle Lies (HBO)
    David Thewlis, Fargo (FX)


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