• ​​VIDEO: Take a look behind the scenes of Harry Potter and The Cursed Child on Broadway

    JK Rowling's hugely successful theatre adaptation of Harry Potter is heading to Broadway – here is a first look behind the scenes of the New York production.

    12th Jan 2018By Matthew Whitehouse

    The Broadway production – now rehearsing ahead of its March opening – shared a wonderful behind-the-scenes video on the show's Facebook page, offering afirst look at the new cast set to portray the older,would-be-wizards.

    Set 19 years after the last book, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child has been a huge success in the West End, UK, and as it moves to NewYork City, it brings with it a cast of new actors.

    In the video – available below – the three leads spoke about why they'reexcited to take the show stateside.

    Noma Dumezweni, who plays HermioneGranger, says: “It's really exciting, because you kind of know it,but you don't know it. Because its different faces and differentexperiences and its a different country – so I kind of feel like thenew kid at school again. And I quite like it.”

    Paul Thornley, playing Ron Weasley, adds: “Rehearsals have started again and it feels brilliant to be back atschool. There's a familiarity about it but there's also a whole raftof new people and personalities.”

    Harry Potter actor, Jamie Parker, is thrilled to be back as the lead.

    He says: “I'm most looking for to rediscovering the play, finding the new stuff in it, Jack and John and Jo have written something that's a very rich tapestry, and it's got a wealth of mythological richness in it, which means you don't ever tire of mining it for new stuff.

    "When you're working with a richly talented company like this they're always firing new stuff at you.”

    One of the three writers on the project, Jack Thorne, was happy to see the project being put through its paces by a different cast.

    “The exciting thing about having seen two companies do this in London is the amount of authorship actors bring to this play. It is a play, hopefully, that has been written in a way that allows for people to take control of it. And I'm really excited to see what they're going to do," says the scribe.

    Producer Sonia Friedman on the transition to a new city:“It feels really natural to be here in New York, partly because we've been in production for so long and worked so very hard to get to this point that it feels right to be here.”

    Previews for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child start on Broadway March 16 with tickets released February 7 via registration.

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