• The top film and TV crew agents in Los Angeles

    If you're a working TV and film crew member who lives in Los Angeles with a growing list of credits, it might be time to take your entertainment career to the next level and find yourself an agent. Perhaps you already have an agent or solid list of contacts that ensure a steady flow of work, but if working on large film and TV productions is your aim, you'll need help fromthe big guns.

    24th Oct 2018By Andrew Wooding

    Big film and TV crew agencies will often approach a professional after seeing their work, hearing about them on the grapevine or meeting at a networking event. But in this industry you can leave little to chance. You've got to put yourself out there.

    An important – and perhaps obvious – note though: do ensure your CV and showreel are up to date and are of the highest quality possible. These large agencies have incredibly high standards and deal with top notch creatives on a daily basis. You will want to show them that you're just as good.

    Don't have the showreel material or credits yet? Then wait. It might be frustrating but it will all be worth the patience if you impress them with a carefully-crafted, high-quality submission rather than

    Here is a list of the best big film and TV crew agencies in Los Angeles.

    The agencies typically represent producers, first ADs, cinematographers, production designers, editors, costume designers, stunt coordinators and VFX supervisors.

    William Morris Endeavour
    One of the biggest agencies in the world, WME represent above and below-the-line talent in Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Nashville and London. As well as stars Dwayne Johnson, Charlize Theron and Jack Black, WME look after Fast and Furious costume designer Sanja Hays and American Animals DP Ole Bratt Birkeland. William Morris Endeavour only take on new clients via referral.

    Clients: 5, 202
    Staff: 374

    Murtha Skouras Agency
    Murtha represent Ant-Man and the Wasp cinematographer Dante Spinotti, Widows production designer Adam Stockhausen and Lady Bird editor Nick Houy. With a team of just eight and a book of high-calibre clients, Murtha Skouras are an agency to contact only when significant credits have been earned.

    Clients: 264
    Staff: 8

    ICM Partners
    One of the largest crew agencies in the world, ICM look after triple-Oscar-winning cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki, Black Panther editor Michael P. Shawver, Fear the Walking Dead DP Adam Suschitzky and Jason Bourne unit production manager Michael J. Malone.

    Clients: 2, 674
    Staff: 196

    Iconic Talent Agency
    La La Land editor Tom Cross and Quentin Tarantino's cinematographer Robert Richardson are just two of the huge names represented by Iconic Talent Agency. With just over a couple dozen A-list creatives and a handful of staff, Iconic only deals with the absolute cream of the crop.

    Clients: 26
    Staff: 2

    Innovative Artists
    Looking after a range of DPs, editors, stills photographers, costume designers, VFX Supervisors, First ADs, production designers and make-up designers, Innovative Artists represent Venom and Star Wars IX editor Maryann Brandon, Lucifer DP Tom Camarda and Baby Driver costume designer Courtney Hoffman. The agency offers a "strong relationship between agents and clients."

    Clients: 2, 717
    Staff: 67

    United Talent Agency
    UTA are one of the biggest above and below the line talent agents in the world with offices in Los Angeles, New York, London, Miami, Nashville and Malmö. Curb Your Enthusiasm cinematographer Patrick A. Stewart is just one of the thousands of UTA's books. UTA, like many big guns, only operate via a referral process.

    Clients: 4, 422
    Staff: 253

    Mirisch are a boutique agency with under 100 clients, including The Shape of Water production designer Paul D. Austerberry, Tomb Raider editor Stuart Baird and Curb Your Enthusiasm editor Roger Nygard.

    Clients: 75
    Staff: 5

    Another big hitter, Agency for the Performing Arts (APA) represent Krypton costume designer Bojana Nikitovic and Cobra Kai cinematographer Cameron Duncan. APA offer a referral only policy.

    Clients: 2, 758
    Staff: 101

    Intrinsic LA
    The Handmaid's Tale costume designer Ane Crabtree and Farenheit 11/9 DP Luke Geissbuhler. Intrinsic "offer the ideal environment for them to develop and market talent beyond what has been seen previously in below the line."

    Clients: 131
    Staff: 4

    Worldwide Production Agency
    Specialising in the entertainment and advertising industries, WPA handle theatrical and commercial booking duties for creatives such as Star Trek: Beyond cinematographer Stephen F. Windon and The Innocents DP David Procter. WPA are "committed to excellence and to providing exceptional attentiveness to our clients' needs so that they may achieve their professional goals as those goals evolve over the course of their career."

    Clients: 452
    Staff: 11

    The Gorfaine Schwartz Agency
    For the musical maestros out there, The Gorfaine Schwartz Agency boast a brilliant book of top composers and music department creatives, including Back to the Future composer Alan Silvestri, Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul's David Porter and the legend that is Ennio Morricone.

    Clients: 163
    Staff: 7

    Kraft Engel
    Kraft Engel are also a composer-focused agency, featuring Iong-term Wes Anderson collaborator Alexandre Desplat, Tim Burton favourite Danny Elfman and Moby.

    Clients: 87
    Staff: 4

    *All clients and staff numbers are according to IMDB*

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