• ​Sadiq Khan proposes new plan to keep London music venues safe from closure

    Sadiq Khan's new proposal would require developers sound proof properties rather than the onus being on the venue.

    29th Nov 2017By Matthew Whitehouse

    In the last few years, London, UK, has lost top indie venues The Silver Bullet, Passing Clouds and Fabric (recently re-opened under strict rules and licensing) which has put a huge dent in the city's underground and indie music scene.

    Noise complaints from nearby tenants has been a long-standing issue that has led to closure of many beloved venues nationwide.

    Without small venues to play, up-and-coming bands are without a training ground to form a scene of their own or find one.

    Sadiq Khan's new policies will ensure that the established building/venue is not required to provide costly soundproofing – this instead will be the responsibility of the developer who chose to build next to an established venue.

    In an interview with DIY, Khan said: “Pubs across the capital are often at the heart of our communities or of historic value and should be protected by local authorities in order to protect the capital’s unique character.

    “That’s why I’ve set out measures in my draft London Plan to protect pubs against redevelopment, ensure they can co-exist peacefully with nearby residential properties and ensure that councils across the capital recognise their importance to the city’s cultural fabric.”

    Sadiq Khan also wrote on London.gov: “London is the world leader for culture and creativity, and I’ve made it clear that protecting and growing this vibrant industry is one of my core priorities. It is growing at a faster rate than any other area of the economy, and I want to ensure that we create an environment where artists and creatives can flourish.

    Deputy Mayor for Culture and the Creative Industries, Justine Simons, said: “London is a global creative powerhouse but despite being one of our great success stories, many parts of the industry are at serious risk. This London Plan puts culture right at its heart, ensuring it is hardwired into all aspects of civic planning.

    "We need London to be a beacon of creativity, open to ideas and talent and Sadiq’s London Plan will ensure we have the spaces and places we need to shore up our success in the decades to come.”

    Ben Evans, Chair of the Mayor’s Culture Leadership Board and Director of the London Design Festival, added: “The culture and creative sector is London’s biggest sector employing 900,000 talented people. It is a key part of London’s future.

    "The Mayor’s new London Plan will help ensure it remains so with a series of initiatives that are forward thinking and strategic interventions. London without its vibrant international culture is unthinkable especially now it is such a contributor to employment and the economy. "


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