Working actors, singers and producers share their rejection stories

LAST week, a string of actors, performers, singers and producers shared details of the rejection they have faced in the entertainment industry before becoming successful, proving that receiving no after no after no is all part of the journey towards doing what you love for a living.

28th August 2018
/ By Andrew Wooding

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Here are some of the top tweets posted by working professionals using the hashtag #ShareYourRejection:

The Phantom of the Opera star Ben Crawford told fans: "I've been replaced after an offer, lied to my face, told my career didn't follow "a proper direction", even been told I needed to go back to school to be successful by a director hours before an opening AND NOW I'M THE GOD DAMN PHANTOM BITCHES #ShareYourRejection."

The Vamps founder, singer and lead guitarist James McVey tweeted: "Got kicked out of my first band for wanting to sing #ShareYourRejection."

TV presenter Gok Wan said: "I was told by a teacher that I would never amount to anything. I walked away that day and I’ve never looked back... #ShareYourRejection."

X Factor contestant Amelia Lily wrote: "When I auditioned in Cardiff for the X factor I didn’t get through getting told “it’s a no darlin”. I then sent a video in of myself to the X factor website and my video got selected. And on I went to make it to 3rd place in the whole competition. #ShareYourRejection."

DC Entertainment Publisher-Chief Creative Officer, Jim Lee, shared several rejection letters from DC comics along with the words: "To give me focus during the time I tried to break in, I would work out and run around a local high school track—Rocky style—chanting sotto voce, out of breath— “Miller, Byrne, Miller, Byrne...” #ShareYourRejection."

Modern Family exec producer Danny Zuker shared a rejection letter from Saturday Night Live, accompanied by the caption: "I didn’t want to write on that dumb show, anyway! (I really wanted to write on that show!) #ShareYourRejection."

For more, check out the hashtag #ShareYourRejection on Twitter.

Do you have a rejection or two to share? And successes?

Comment below with your story!

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