How to get an agent | Self-Tape advice | + recommended jobs!

Last month we hosted a Facebook Live with renowned agents Marlene Sutton (Partner and Head of Adult Commercials at DDO Artists Agency in Los Angeles) and Jennifer Goldhar (President of the Characters Talent Agency in Toronto)! They shared their expert guidance on the inner workings of how actors can get signed by an agent, build a successful relationship with them and how their careers can soar to new heights. You can check our full conversation with them here! If you missed any of our past Facebook lives, you can catch up with them all here.


As our industry wrestles with an unprecedented climate that has dramatically changed how creative professionals work, you might be finding yourself looking for ways to still work on your craft. While many productions, festivals and movie theatres may have temporarily closed their doors, this does not mean we cannot stay connected with our fantastic industry and produce compelling content. Read our top tips on how to make content during lockdown.

In the past year, we have seen a rise of self-tapes requests from employers and casting directors. With this shift in the acting audition process, we want to help you master your next self-tape. Wondering what equipment you need for a high-quality self-tape? Or what backdrop to use when filming? In this guide, we share our top tips on how to master self-taped auditions.

Comical Relief online film, London

Casting a male actor for a series of small online films for Comic Relief. The role is for a main classic children's villain, think pantomime baddie meets Bond evil genius. Salary: £750 Flat Fee. Apply now.

Credit Card TVC, Manchester

Casting a female actor with playing age 25-50 to feature in a TVC for a credit card commercial. Salary: £1,250 flat fee. Apply now.

TV Series, London

Casting male Asian actors for a TV series about the life of UK prime minister Boris Johnson, his government, and his country during the coronavirus pandemic. Apply now.

Online Video, London

Casting a female actor to feature in an online film based around horse racing. Salary: £750 Flat Fee. Apply now.

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