Affordable and Professional Showreels based in Cardiff

Hi all,

I run Now in a Minute Productions, a Cardiff based bespoke showreel company that's been going for three years now, and posting this to say hello and make you aware of us.

I have worked with a variety of actors who have loved working with us and have been gaining auditions and industry recognition thanks to the showreels we've created for them.

The reason being we are not a company that will take your money and create you something that doesn't work for you.

I want you to be successful, as in turn that makes the company successful.

If you decide to go with us then I'll work closely with you, making sure your scenes are getting the best out of you and is playing to your casting, and that you do scenes that you love and are excited to show off.

Our showreel packages won't break the bank, which is very important after the last couple of years we've had. Plus actors are the hardest working bunch out there! And you shouldn't be having to pay through the nose for a showreel.

If you want to know more then head to the website - and/or drop me a message if you have any questions.



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