We are looking for all kinds of families based around the UK

Flat50 Management would like to represent actor-families from all areas of the UK. We are looking for parents with kids, multi-generation families with grandparents, couples or single parent families, for work in commercials and other productions.

We would love to represent all types of families - diversity of all kinds is encouraged. Please send a family photo / photos and a video (2 minutes maximum) along with a brief written description of who you all are and whether you have acting experience, or if you just have some free time and feel confident that you could give it a go.

Please also let us know the following: are any of you registered on Spotlight? Do you have any talents or hobbies as a family? What area are you located in / can work in? Would you be able to travel around the UK or abroad for some auditions or work? There are no wrong answers.

Thanks! We look forward to hearing from you!

Christine and Jo

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