Explore the principles of Sandford Meisner’s Acting Technique and Uta Hagen’s Approach to Acting with Dannie-Lu Carr and Paula Cassina

We'll integrate the two techniques and explore how they compliment one another. By doing this, we aim to give all participating actors the knowledge, toolkit and experience to deepen their own creative work within theatre, film, TV and all other platforms.

Meisner Technique is rooted in living truthfully, moment to moment, in a given imaginary set of circumstances. We'll explore this concept and the things that can get in the way of its simplicity.

The Hagen acting process part of this lab, will focus on the ten exercises from A Challenge for the Actor by Uta Hagen. These exercises are extremely practical and sophisticated and they are designed to target all areas of trouble encountered during performance.

Beginning actors will be surprised at how much they learn about themselves and about human behaviour, as their power of self-observations develops.

Experienced actors will deeply appreciate how much the exercises stimulate their creative juices and will enable them to practice their craft when not working. Places are limited.

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