At PressPad, we are launching the closed digital pilot of our hosting platform. We are looking for media professionals who can host young people on an upcoming apprenticeship scheme near Warner Bros. Studios in and near Leavesden.

Here at PressPad, we are launching our new closed digital pilot of our hosting platform that links young people with work experience with experienced media professionals who can offer a spare room plus great advice. We are looking for potential hosts to sign up for our closed digital pilot within the next couple of weeks. You earn money for the room and get the opportunity to be inspired by someone starting out in your profession! Think of it as Airbnb meets LinkedIn, where your small gesture could make a huge difference to an intern and industry as a whole.

We have a D&I initiative with a large media organisation, helping young people get training within UK film, TV, VFX, animation and games. We're currently looking for hosts who are in proximity to Warner Bros. Studios in Leavesden, to get on board for an upcoming apprenticeship scheme.

So, if you’re interested in making a change in the industry, and have a room to spare, then sign up via this host registration form!

We would also love it if you could pass this onto anyone you think would be interested in signing up.

For more information, check out this short clip to see a little more about what PressPad is and our vision of a fairer and diverse media industry. Anybody working in the industry can be a host, all it takes is a spare room and a desire to help out a young journo looking to find their way into the industry. You can also watch some testimonials from previous interns and hosts on working with PressPad to see how invaluable this experience can be.

Feel free to contact us for further information at!

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