CDA Awards: Shakyra Dowling CDA shares her advice for Actors

Recognising the hard work of casting directors across the UK, the Casting Directors Association (CDA) recently held its fifth annual awards! The 2021 ceremony was held at BAFTA in London, highlighting casting talent across commercials, television, and film.

We had the chance to catch up with some of the incredible winners at the 2021 CDA Awards, lifting the lid on what their go-to advice is for actors, as well as some of their most memorable casting moments. Check out our chat with Shakyra Dowling CDA below!

Shakyra Dowling CDA has been a casting director since 2009, working on projects that have stretched around the globe. She specialises in British independent feature films, European co-production films, TV and commercials, many of which have been internationally recognised, winning awards at festivals. Her projects include casting for Pantene, Nando's, British Airways and Google.

Tell us, Shakyra, what is your most memorable casting moment?

"So many memorable moments!  The best thing is when an actor is so right and me and the director just catch each other’s eye afterwards because we have just seen magic happen."

What is your best way to spend a Friday night?

"Netflix and chill (with a bottle of vino and some chocolates!)"

You’re on the sofa with some chocolates and vino; what is your guilty TV pleasure?

"Don’t Tell the Bride."

‘When not working, you can find me…’

"Walking my dog at Alexandra Palace (he’s on Instagram - @JACKTHEPUGALIER)"

What is your best piece of advice for actors?

"Once you’ve walked out of the casting suite - forget the audition and get on with your life. obsessing over it won’t help you get the job. Be confident that you did your best and if you weren’t right, you weren’t right. It’s rarely something you did that lost you the job."

The lovely Shakyra Dowling previously joined Mandy for our Facebook Live on how actors can master self-tapes and Zoom auditions. Watch it in full here.