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Memory Palace
M Film

Memory Palace
M Film

  • Project Details
    Hello I'm looking for an actor to play the role of a father.Plot:A father lost his child daughter mysteriously one day. Fifteen years later he's still obsessively looking for her and has a investigation board up on his wall. He goes to sleep one night then wakes up the next day to find all his research gone and now living with an unknown woman claiming to be his daughter. He doesn't recognise her and she says this is because he has Alzheimer's. Is she really his daughter? Does he really have Alzheimer's? Or are there more sinister goings on?Location:Most of the script takes place in one bedroom. If possible to save money, could film the script in the actor's bedroom. Every now and then we'll cut to a shot of a door in the hallway which is meant to be opposite the bedroom. At the end of the script we'd be filming about 5 shots in that room too.Actors: Only two actors in the script. A father and a daughter.Script Details: Eight pages. Mix of sci-fi and thriller genres.
  • Production Type
    Short Film
  • Union Status
  • Location
  • Dates & Location
    Late this year or early next year
  • Closing Date
    25th Apr 2022