Christmas Story

Christmas Story

  • Project Details
    This project is a short movie (20 - 30 minutes) that is self-contained but is step one in a larger venture, leading to a full-length feature production.
    The roadmap of this project is here:

    I am looking to establish long term working relationships with the people I meet on this project.

    The story covers a few days in the life of a young academic woman who is working on her PhD. It takes place just before the Christmas break. It is a character study.

    The setting is the main character's accommodation.

    The main role has been cast and rehearsals are nearing completion.

    The production will have a strong emphasis on performance, cinematography, a sense of place and classical storytelling techniques, but it has been written to simplify achieving these things.

    It will be shot entirely on a single location in central Nottingham.
  • Production Type
    Short Film
  • Production Type
    Film & TV Crew
  • Production Type
    General Staff + Crew
  • Union Status
    Non Union
  • Location
  • Dates & Location
    Late July, Central Nottingham
  • Closing Date
    3rd Aug 2022