DRTV testimonial Pressure washer
Smart Response

DRTV testimonial Pressure washer
Smart Response

  • Project Details
    Do you like to keep your car and garden clean and tidy? Do you love trying new products, gadgets and tech? Are you a confident and eloquent talker? Can you ad lib passionately about products without a script?

    If so then we need you!

    You will be paid £250 (which is a flat fee including full buyout) and a Free pressure washer to try and keep worth over £150!
    You will be filmed talking on camera about your experience using the product and will be needed for approx. 2 hours on location in London.

    Your testimonial will be used as part of a DRTV campaign and you will be the voice of the home user. The testimonials will then be used by our client in their publicity for the product (TV advert, online, social media).

    All footage filmed on the day and your usage would be on full buyout terms, and the client/company we represent will retain the rights to use the footage elsewhere in the future if they so wish without any additional charges.

    By applying for this advert, you are confirming you are happy with the rate, and buyout terms. By applying for this role you confirm you agree to the above.

    If shortlisted you will then be asked to do a self-tape and have a zoom call with the client as a final audition process
  • Production Type
    TV Commercial
  • Production Type
    Multimedia (Other)
  • Union Status
  • Location
  • Dates & Location
    21st Sept.
  • Closing Date
    10th Aug 2022