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Thinking Again

Thinking Again

  • Project Details
    This is a small and independent music video shoot. I am looking for two actors in the age range of 60+ upwards. I'm looking for actors who have a good sense of humor, comedic expressions and timing and are willing to do some unusual things (dancing in the front room, playing the piano with your head etc.)

    Humorous, surreal and with a dark twist, this music video is about an old couple coping with loneliness and descending into madness when they find out the news that their partner has lost their prized possession.

    Through a series of montages, we journey firstly with the husband and then the wife, as they become insolvable whilst grieving for their lost item, like the husband's prized Pokémon Charizard card that his wife has accidentally chucked in the bin. One of the scenes that plays out will be the Husband crying in bed, whilst the wife is trying to read her book as she tells him to keep that racket down.

    Eventually, they go on a scouting mission to find their lost possessions, which leads them into a portal through the couch as they dance the night away...
  • Production Type
    Music Video
  • Union Status
    Non Union
  • Location
  • Dates & Location
  • Closing Date
    19th Aug 2022