'How Not To Write A Rom Com'

'How Not To Write A Rom Com'

  • Project Details
    Crewing for 'How Not To Write A Rom Com', a 30-minute short proof-of-concept film. Looking for an experienced composer and sound designer to take charge of the post-production sound.

    - 'How Not To Write A Rom Com' is currently being shot with an outstanding cast and crew on a RED Epic-W Helium 8K
    - Our final day of filming will be Sunday, 9th October.
    - 'How Not To Write A Rom Com' won second place at the 2021 Raindance Film Festival Pitching Competition

    You will be given considerable creative freedom in deciding how best to compose and sound design for 'How Not To Write A Rom Com', but you will also be provided with support and expert feedback from the film's director (Daniel Newman) and sound recordist (Olly Kent).

    - We will provide you with a picture edit, and all of our location sound recording from our five-day shoot, plus the script, and our director's notes.
    - We would like you to compose the majority of the film's music yourself, but we will also hope to provide you with some licensed music options to choose from as well.
    - This is your chance to take the helm of a truly unique project that is going to be heavily marketed, submitted to multiple film festivals, and has a great chance of going viral. This project is ideally suited to a passionate and multitalented composer and sound designer at an early stage in their career, who wants to add some unique and eye-grabbing content to their showreel, and would like to earn multiple IMDb credits for a single project.


    - You will be paid £200 to produce the full soundtrack for our 30 minute film, including music composition, ADR recording, sound mixing, sound design, and the creation of the final stereo and 5.1 versions of the sound.
    - In addition, you will receive multiple IMDb credits, plus extensive publicity and exposure on multiple websites and social media.
    - Furthermore, you will be given primary consideration for higher paid work on the feature-length version of 'How Not To Write A Rom Com'
  • Production Type
    Short Film
  • Production Type
    General Staff + Crew
  • Production Type
    General Musician Gigs
  • Union Status
    Non Union
  • Dates & Location
    South England, October - December
  • Closing Date
    2nd Oct 2022