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'Little Life's Moments' - Short Film

'Little Life's Moments' - Short Film

  • Project Details
    Mom and son are having dinner when suddenly a knock is heard. Two shadowy figures are seen lurking at the door. A war horn can loudly plays and Mum gives the signal to our child. Suddenly we enter the child's imagination as the shadowy figures turn into monsters and creep across the window. The noise outside starts to rise as the shadows get bigger and more distorted. Mum and son are revealed dressed in full battle gear and stand facing the door ready for any monsters that may break through. As the noise gets louder and the door begins to shake violently, our two hero's stand bravely positioned for battle! A loud thud crashes against the door followed by another and suddenly stops... a white flag appears through the letterbox signalling a SURRENDER! Our child picks up the flag and waves it frantically around the room dropping it into Mum's hands. As the flag is placed down into Moms hands, we snap out of the child’s imagination and an envelope is revealed with the words 'NOTICE' on the front. Mom places the letter into a drawer along a bunch of similar letters. Outside two plain clothed council workers can be seen leaving.
  • Production Type
    Short Film
  • Union Status
  • Location
  • Dates & Location
    x1 day shoot (after school) - w/c 12th December (London)
  • Closing Date
    8th Dec 2022