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Kids Coach
The Elocution Coach Ltd

Kids Coach
The Elocution Coach Ltd

  • Project Details
    Seeking a passionate, motivated, and experienced individual to join the team at The Elocution Coach Ltd as a kids' coach.

    Company states: "The Elocution Coach has fast become the UK’s leading elocution focused companies, since being established and led by international elocution coach, James Percy-Smith. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality and client-focused training, through our 1:1 coaching programmes and online courses, with clients dotted across the globe. Based on a decade of experience and founded on a multitude of backgrounds, we follow the Percy-Smith Method™ which is a unique framework with a particular focus on speech development and public speaking skills. Our methodology is based on a variety of techniques, underpinned by phonology, psychology, and coaching."
  • Contract Details
    Company states: "Successful candidates will be employed on a Zero-Hours Contract, which will allow them to increase or decrease their hours depending on availability and demand. The rate of pay will start from £15 per hour during an initial probationary period, with two pre-planned pay increases based on the number of coaching hours completed. Wages are calculated on a monthly basis and paid via PAYE."
  • Production Type
  • Union Status
  • Dates & Location
    Works remotely. Company states: "This role can be completed from home via Google Meet; however, we are particularly interested to hear from applicants who are close to our offices in Milton Keynes. Kids Coaches are expected to manage their own schedules and as such, this role allows an element of flexibility."
  • Closing Date
    2nd Oct 2023