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Pink Sky
London Film School

Pink Sky
London Film School

  • Project Details
    Casting "Pink and Purple Sky of Canada Water," a unique, fast-paced social realism student drama. To put it bluntly, it’s Andrea Arnold’s "Wasp" with a modern twist infused with South-East London’s energy of youth. Synopsis: A lonely and disconnected teenage drug dealer feels a connection for the first time with one of her clients. However, when she suspects he may have stolen her stash, she’s torn between whether to report him to her intimidating handler or not.

    Production states: "The film will be shot in a documentary-like, run-and-gun style reminiscent of Dogme95, involving heavy improvisation and continuous takes. It prioritizes the performances and chemistry among the characters over apparatus and visuals. We have street-cast some characters to bring realism and authenticity to our portraits of South-East London, while we continue to seek experienced talent to enrich the film with professionalism and precision, especially for the more dynamic and complex characters."
  • Contract Details
    The film is a London Film School production. We pay actors National Minimum Wage as per the Equity Student Film Agreement, safeguarded by London Film School’s contracts and insurance.
  • Production Type
    Student Film
  • Union Status
  • Location
  • Dates & Location
    Shoots late May; backup shoot early June in the Southwark-Lewisham, England area, near Canada Water.
  • Closing Date
    7th Apr 2024