Isolation - international short film (16mm)
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Isolation - international short film (16mm)
ShortFilm Projects

  • Project Details
    International short film team looking for London-based crew to help during current PreProduction and attend shoot in March 2022

    ‘Isolation’ is a 15min short film set within a family home during the height of the pandemic. The story follows each of the family members as they struggle with the mental impact of the lockdown and the tension between them builds to a point of no return.

    With the 16mm shoot planned for March 2022, we are currently in the process of recruiting our London-based team and finding the right location - a suburban family home.

    As we most likely won’t be able to offer more than credit, expenses and showreel-material, coming on board could be just the right opportunity for someone currently starting out (or studying) and wanting to build a strong network and CV on the side. With how much time there is left until we’re filming, this project would easily be combinable with your other responsibilities and would give us all a chance to build good working relationships while creating an awesome final product, ready to go into festivals.

    You can send over a little cover letter and any references you might want to convince us with (CV, portfolio, etc.) to: [email protected]
  • Production Type
    Short Films
  • Union Status
  • Location
  • Dates & Location
    7 days between the 14th and 27th of March 2022
  • Closing Date
    25th Jan 2022