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A Tony Ogunyinka Film

A Tony Ogunyinka Film

  • Project Details
    Jujuman is a dark humour short following the story of a south east London gang leader who is forced to rethink his attitudes towards morality when he is confronted by a mysterious vigilante witchdoctor who appears to have placed a curse on him contrived to put his mothers life in danger.THE FILM'S STORY:Mani is one of South East London’s most notorious gang leaders looking to exact his revenge following a knife crime attack by a rival gang member.As Mani and his gang members go on the hunt for vengeance they find themselves confronted by a mysterious and unlikely vigilante who threatens their motives by claiming to possess the powers of an African witch doctor.Mani and his boys initially find the threat to be hysterical joke, but when the life of Mani’s mother is spiritually suggested to be in danger by the power a Juju curse, Mani faces a tough internal dilemma battling his own ego against the paranoia of whether the curse is actually taking a hold on his mother’s life.INSPIRATION:In traditional African religions and in countries part of West Africa, such as Nigeria and Cameroon, Juju is known as folk magic, such as charms and spells that can be used to inflict either bad or good juju, which equate to either bad or good luck. However a "Jujuman" is any man who has studied those local traditions and is well versed in traditional spiritual medicines, sometimes referred to as a witchdoctor.To this day, in African cultures/communities and all around the world, parents and members of the family speak of the 'Jujuman’, to prevent their children from going down the wrong path in life. Some believe in the powers of such Jujuman, some don't, however we'll never know of the true existence of the Jujuman...Juju, Black Magic, Voodoo and many of the these various forms of witchcraft are often seen as Taboo subjects in the western world. Many of the youth’s that are involved in gangs in London are second generation diaspora from African and Caribbean communities where these belief systems are still common place. Thus those tales of mysticism have begun to resurface in youth culture especially within the thriving UK/Afrobeats music scene. It has been widely reported that UK rapper ‘J-Hus’ has opened up about using Juju for his success. Many other artists in the scene are also make references to the spiritual world in their lyrics. Yet this has rarely been explored in Black British film and lends itself perfectly to the genre of ‘dark humour’.The crime rates within the youth groups continue to rise; drugs, knife and gang related crimes have become nothing but an escalation over the years:4,399 Offences of Threats to kill20,333 Offences of Assault with Injury & Intention to cause hard20,159 Offences of RobberyIf you feel like any of the roles below suit you, please apply. There will be an audition process before the actor is confirmed for Jujuman.Best of Luck!Adam SurvayProducer
  • Production Type
    Short Film
  • Union Status
  • Location
  • Dates & Location
    24th January - 28th January
  • Closing Date
    28th Jan 2022