Alexandru Silaghi

    • Model

    Male / London
  • Ethnicity
    Age Range
    20 - 30
    5' 2" (1m 60cm)
    8st. 5lb (53kg)
    Hair Colour
    Eye Colour


YearRole / TypeName of Production / DirectorCompany / Venue
How To Cope With Being Single on Valentine's DayThe Hook Group
Music Video
Love The Love / HeavyLove The Love
Music Video
Terry Guy / Dirty Nasty TruthTerry Guy Music
Mad About Specs
Jay Khatri
Mad About Specs
Italo - 13 Bonnington Square, Vauxhall, London SW8 1TE
Mad About Specs
Jay Khatri
Prospective Pictures
Italo - 13 Bonnington Square, Vauxhall, London SW8 1TE
Music Video
Joel Corry / LonelyJoel Corry
Restaurant Dream TeamBBC
Film (Student)
I Lust YouUniversity Film
Flat 7, Block A, Peabody Estate, Rodney Road SE17 1BQ
2019ExtraOutwitting the DevilRoot2froot media
Film (Student)
InsideUniversity Film
Do You Have Any ID?The Hook Group
Film (Student)
About That GirlUniversity Film
Film (Short)
The suit weareth the manChampdog Films
2019Military Photographer
Film (Student)
Depth of FieldUniversity College London
How to Cop With Being Single on Valentine's DayThe Hook Group
Love SarahRainstar Production
Film (Student)
Tea & MariaUniversity Film
2019ExtraBRKE MusicBRKE Music
  • Education

    2018Human Resources ManagementUniversity of Oradea
    2016Social WorkingUniversity of Oradea

    About me

    Hi everyone!

    I am Alexandru and I am 27 years old. I am mainly a model with some experience in acting and dancing, gained as a volunteer for more than 7 years where I had to create simple dance choreographies for children together with my colleagues.

    Every now and then we needed to create plays on different topics, most successful being one short play about domestic violence and another one about the respect for elders and Social Working, both presented to the local authorities.

    I am open minded, creative, hardworking and I have a huge hunger to learn something new and develop myself. I love jobs that challenge me and they are more than welcome as I like a good challenge. I give 100% of myself in everything I do, so I can do it perfectly.

    I speak Romanian, English and Italian. I am a beginner in French and Spanish.

    I look forward to hearing back from you!

    My interests

    Acting, modelling, extra, sports, singing, dancing

    Television experience

    Extra for CBBC Restaurant Dream Team - 2019

    Extra for Bollywood Series BFF - 2019

    Extra for Bollywood Film Laila Manju - 2020

    Extra for Vodafone Commercial - 2020

    Extra for Mercedes Commercial- 2020

    Extra for Douglas Commercial - 2020

    Extra for BBC production “Princess” - 2020

    Modelling experience

    Double collaboration with photographer Roy Shakespeare - 2019

    Haircut model for training at Pimps&Pinups Salon - 2019

    Haircut model for Cut and Grind, Soho - 2019

    Collaboration with photographer Wanjiku Gitau - 2019

    Collaboration with photographer Bogdan Gwardiak - 2019

    International collaboration with MUA (Romi Hanigerova and Natalie Sparrow), photographers: Alessandro Scotti, Piotr Trumpiel, Lee Grayson, Karen Field, Abby Hanson, Peter Hogan, Yev Taranovs and videographer Said Elimam during the Lcollab2019 event organized by Natalie Sparrow and Amanda Sils - 2019

    Collaboration with photographer Linh Moran - 2019

    Collaboration with photographer Aleksejus Kozlovas - 2019

    Finalist in the Alternative Model Of The Year Contest - 2019

    Halloween photoshoot collaboration with William Delmont, Anett Geczi, Emma Byrne, Men With Vision, Redhammer Photography, Yasmin Centeno and MUA Shelly Feldman - 2019

    Collaboration with photographer Sebastian Sax (short4shorts) - 2019

    Collaboration with photographer Nikolin Pjetri - 2019

    Model for Beautiful You London Fashion Show - 2020

    Collaboration with PortraitX on the “Once Upon a Winter” themed shoot - 2020

    Collaboration with PortraitX on the “Victory of Versailles” themed shoot - 2020

    Published Model in Secret Eden Magazine in the March 2020 issue

    Published Model in Through The Lens Magazine in the May 2020 issue

    Collaboration with photographer Abraham Lamaar Smith - 2020

    Model for PPE Mask for an Amazon Retailer - 2020

    Collaboration with Photographer Rajan Wadhera - 2020

    Collaboration with Photographer Marcin Przybylak - 2020

    Fashion Video collaboration with ReelOnHeels Team - 2020

    Back Cover of Teal Magazine in the 1st Issue in August 2020

    Collaboration with Model Mandy Yearly and Photographer Nayab Khan - 2020

    Model for a Creative Office Advertising - 2020

    Colllaboration with Photographer and Videographer Lendon L. - 2020

    Published in Myssfit Magazine in the 24th Issues in August 2020

    Testimonial Model for Male Grooming Brand - Union Jack - 2020

    Modelling Collaboration Event “London Shoot Collective” - 2020

    Collaboration with PortraitX on the “Guardian Beasts” Themed Shoot - 2020

    Collaboration with Photographer Rebecca Mundy - 2020

    Published in Fashzilla Magazine 1st Issue in September 2020

    Published in + Back Cover of Luxia Magazine Issue 034 September 2020

    Published in Kulture Magazine in The Drag Issue in September

    Published in Mob Journal Magazine Volume 2 New Wave in October 2020

    Collaboration with Photographer Sebastian Sax (short4shorts) - 2020

    Model for Pierre Garroudi’s Fashion Flashmob - 2020

    Collaboration with Seven.Portraits.LDN - 2020

    Acting experience

    Actor for short film about "Stop and Search" Campaign (speaking role)

    Actor for Terry’s Music Video “Dirty Nasty Truth”

    Actor/dancer for Joel Corry “Lonely”

    Dancing Experience

    Doing choreographies for children with my colleagues for 7 years as a volunteer

    Singing Experience

    Singing in a choir as a volunteer

    Additional Information

    Extra for BRKE Music Video - 2019

    Extra for short film "Tea and Maria" - 2019

    Extra for Indie film "Love Sarah" - 2019

    Extra for "How to Cop With Being Single on Valentine's Day" (The Hook Group) - 2019

    Extra for short film "Depth of Field" - 2019

    Extra for fun film "The Suit Weareth the Man" - 2019

    Extra for short romantic comedy "About that Girl" - 2019

    Extra for Government Advert "Do You Have Any ID?" (The Hook Group) - 2019

    Extra for short alternative film "Inside" (Television Production Course) - 2019

    Extra for CBBC show "Restaurant Dream Team" - 2019

    Extra for Live Modern Reinterpretation of Little Red Riding Hood - 2019

    Extra for music video "On Video - Adversary" (Head and Wrecker) - 2019

    Extra for short film “SM9” - 2019

    Extra for Bollywood Series “BFF” - 2019

    Extra as for a Mock Auction - Bidder - 2019

    Extra for film "Outwitting the Devil" - 2019

    Extra for Joel Corry Music Video “Lonely” - 2020

    Extra for Vodafone Commercial - 2020

    Extra for Bollywood Film “Laila Manju” - 2020

    Extra for Garage Music Promo - 2020

    Extra for Mercedes Commercial - 2020

    Extra for “Made in Chelsea” (Since February


    Extra for Online Series “Rosie Tries To Help” - 2020

    Extra for Bollywood Film “Espionage” - 2020

    Extra for The Only Way Is Essex (Since August 2020)

    Extra for “Daemon Mind” Film - 2020

    Extra/Model for Mad About Spect Online Commercial - 2020

    Extra for Bollywood Film Swastik Sanket -2020

    Extra for Douglas Commercial - 2020

    Extra for BBC Production “Princess”

  • Skills

    Interested in
    • Acting Auditions
    • Documentaries / Real Life
    • Extra/Background Artist
    • Modelling
    • Reality TV Shows
    • Talent Shows
    Personal Interests
    • Animals
    • Charity
    • Children
    • Clubbing
    • Comedy
    • Family
    • Holidays
    • Music
    • Relationships
    • Sport
    • Supernatural
    • Travel
    Marital Status
    • In relationship
    Current Student
    • No
    Drinking habits
    • Occasional
    Languages Spoken
    • English
    • French
    • Italian
    • Romanian
    • Spanish
    Physical build
    • Medium
    • Model
    Hair Length
    • Short to Medium
    Native accent
    • Romanian
    Accents (International)
    • French
    • Italian
    • Romanian