Bob Millar

    • Actor

    Male / London
  • Ethnicity
    Age Range
    50 - 56
    6' (1m 83cm)
    17st. 13lb (114kg)
    Hair Colour
    Eye Colour


  • Education

    1990gained wrestling licence in america to be a pro wrestlerjimmy vallent hall of fame school of wrestling in america to gain licence

    About me

    well i use to wrestle in america for over 10years loved it as the bad guy

    so plenty of acting there ive also been a minder an heavy in a short krays films also heavy in a short film I killed the man star film in black an white won best short film of the yr at the film festival an my last big film which won awards based on a true story being shown in Hollywood so if want an ex wrestler as a bad guy I'm your man travel anywhere.

    My interests

    still follow wrestling on tv love golf and making people smile and happy

    Television experience

    did much tv work in america when i was wrestling biggest crowd was 22.000 Madison Square gardens and when they interviewed me before my matches etc loved mikeing the crowd to wind them up people use to come from everywhere to see this bad brit on show worked with the guys from then wwf/wcw/ecw/tnt/sew biggest crowd 22,000 madison square gardens

    Modelling experience

    if you call modeling in the ring then yes

    Acting experience

    wrestling speaks for its self you had to as part of the job so to speak learn how to act in and outside the ring how to fall etc went through tables and been hit with metal chairs part of wrestling ive also been a minder an heavy in short films

    Specific Skills

    ex pro wrestler you had to have a licence to wrestle in america etc biggest crowd 22,000 madison square gardens

    Interesting Past Experiences

    same as above an also had to go through tables an be hit with metal chairs

    Dancing Experience

    only in the ring

    Additional Skills

    Was in black an white film short film which one short film of the yr over 300 went to premiere I was 2nd lead actor an had to kill lead actor been latest film one many awards was shown in Hollywood an it was based on a true story an NHS took copy to use for training everybody said I was scary in film an was 1 of 2 heavys in a short krays film

  • Skills

    Interested in
    • Acting Auditions
    • Documentaries / Real Life
    • Entertainment Shows
    • Extra/Background Artist
    • Game & Quiz Shows
    • Rehearsed Readings
    • TV
    Personal Interests
    • Cars
    • Charity
    • Children
    • Comedy
    • Extreme Sports
    • Holidays
    • Music
    • Sport
    • Travel
    Marital Status
    • Single
    Current Student
    • No
    Drinking habits
    • Occasional
    Driving Licences
    • Standard
    Languages Spoken
    • English
    Physical build
    • Large
    • Actor
    Hair Length
    • Short