David Harris

    • Extra

    Male / Greater London
  • Ethnicity
    Age Range
    56 - 66
    5' 6" (1m 68cm)
    11st. 3lb (71kg)
    Hair Colour
    Salt and Pepper
    Eye Colour


  • Education

    MA Degree in Modern European StudiesUniversity of North London

    About me

    I am now retired, having worked for many years in the media, financial services and banking in London. I starting working as an extra/SA around two years ago, but opportunities have been a bit limited due to my "day job". I've loved being involved with film and TV productions, and now I have more time, would like to do much more. I think I have a characterful face and a good voice (deep with mild Welsh accent), and I'd had a couple of paid speaking parts over the last two years. I have considerable extra/SA experience in both film and TV.

    My interests

    I am an accomplished amateur cellist. I played in an amateur production of Guys & Dolls at the Bloomsbury Theatre earlier this year. I love classical music and opera.

    I'm also a runner (two sub-3 hour marathons in my youth) and weight trainer.

    I'm a qualified personal fitness trainer, though I've never worked in the fitness industry.

    Love watching rugby.

    Television experience

    Numerous, but most recent:

    November 2020: Played a man smoking while lip-synching lyrics to song by Indy band "Sorry".

    November 2020: Played a patient with memory loss in a medical training video. Speaking part.

    October 2020 played a vagrant in Bollywood movie PAANI CH MADAANI, to be released in February 2021.

    In Sept 2020 I played a supermarket worker in Temple, S2 of which will be on Sky 1 later this year.

    In Sept 2020 I played a contestant in a pilot for an upcoming quiz/game show.

    Played bank security guard menaced by armed robbers in grime music video in Dec 2019.

    Member of the public in upcoming ITV courtroom drama "Quiz". Based on the attempt a few years ago to defraud "Who Wants to be a Millionaire"

    I recently played a gangland killer being interrogated by the police in Donal MacIntyre's Murder files. I had to improvise my responses to police questioning.

    Shopper in fishmonger in Bollywood movie Sururli. Filmed Sept 2019

    National Front marcher in Blinded by the Light, recently released in cinemas.

    Pub-goer in S2 of Jack Ryan

    Newspaper worker in MotherFatherSon, recently shown on BBC2

    Cricket spectator in film called '83

    Beachgoer in Juliet, Naked

    Acting experience

    In Nov 2019, I played a medical professional bringing bad news to a patient. It was a speaking role-play part for a medical training video.

    I played an election candidate in upcoming political thriller "Election Night". I had a couple of lines responding to the announcement of the election results.

    I recently played a comedian auditioning for Britain's Got Talent. I had to deliver several lines of comedy monologue, plus a few more serious lines talking about my experience of the audition.

    In July 2019 played an orchestral conductor at an exhibition of art works. My skills as a musician allowed me to play the role.

    Specific Skills

    I speak good French, as I spent a year at university in France. I'm an accomplished cellist. I'm a qualified personal fitness trainer. I'm a former rugby player, and could coach the game. I'm an experienced cyclist (rode in the British Mountain Bike Championship many years ago).

    Interesting Past Experiences

    I have a sideline job escorting merchant sailors and ships' crew members who are ill or injured back to their home countries. Eg: very first job was escorting a mentally-ill Indian seaman from West Africa back to his home port of Mumbai. I've travelled all over the world doing this for around 25 years (fitting it in around the day job). I've visited every continent in the world, apart from Antarctica. I also escort stowaways, who are usually difficult and require police assistance. Eg: I escorted a mass murderer from Montreal to his home country of Eqypt, where the police were after him.

    That kind of work is interesting, believe me.

  • Skills

    Interested in
    • Acting Auditions
    • Extra/Background Artist
    • Game & Quiz Shows
    Personal Interests
    • Children
    • Comedy
    • Holidays
    • Music
    • Politics
    • Sport
    • Travel
    Marital Status
    • Married
    Current Student
    • No
    Driving Licences
    • Standard
    Languages Spoken
    • English
    • French
    • Welsh
    Physical build
    • Medium
    • Extra
    Hair Length
    • Bald / Crew Cut
    Native accent
    • Welsh
    Accents (UK)
    • Welsh, Southern