Jennifer Sano

    • Extra

    Female / Greater London
  • Ethnicity
    Age Range
    46 - 56
    5' 5" (1m 66cm)
    21st. 4lb (135kg)
    Hair Colour
    Eye Colour
    Very Large


YearRole / TypeName of Production / DirectorCompany / Venue
2019Caucasian Church Attendee
Film (Short)
RacistYCT Productions
2019Obnoxiously crying mourner
Film (Student)
Ausgerechnet LuluProd. Vincent Kavanagh, Dir. William Graham
  • Education

    1977It was just high school, standard stuff from first to sixth form. I left with a couple of passes in the NZ equivalent of O and A levelsHigh School: I went to a convent day school in Auckland

    About me

    I am a Kiwi who has lived in London for over 30 years.

    I am "good with words" but hopeless at art, and I have a decent sense of humour.

    I have almost always been large-sized and am confident and outgoing.

    I am carping the Diem while I still can.

    Casting professionals should note that I have recently had very recent surgery (6 March 2020) to my face (small skin cancer lump) which turned out to be a little larger than expected, and this is still healing. So this has given me an "interesting" but rather prominent scar on my left cheek. Please ask for a photo of its current lividity, I am happy to provide a "selfie" if required.

    My interests

    I have a kaleidoscopic interest in many things. Especially: good food, sunshine, laughter.

    I am an avid reader, and am fond of big words.

    I also like motorcycles, gardening, animals, art, literature, travel, exotic fragrances, music, films, - and erotica.

    I am an occasional hedonist.

    Television experience

    I recall being filmed at Battersea Dogs Home (?1998) when my daughter and I were choosing a cat, and a film crew was doing a programme. I've tended to avoid cameras because of the rumour that "they put 10lbs on you", but now I am older it matters less.

    Modelling experience

    No. But interested in being an ambassador for fashionable mature plus-size women (an egregiously-ignored market)

    Acting experience

    I have done a couple of "extra" jobs in the last fortnight. See "Credits" (unverified) I really did do them, honest! :)

    Specific Skills

    Full drivers licence and full motorcycle licence

    I was a minicab driver in London for almost 2 years.

    Interesting Past Experiences

    My life appears to be a series of spur of the moment decisions.

    I have a Harley Davidson and a Suzuki GSX750. I flew to Milan to buy the Suzuki, having only seen it on the internet. Met the guy selling it, who was returning to live in Australia, so I test-rode it round Milan for half an hour, then put the money in his account, and rode back to London over Mont Blanc and across France over three days (took my time).

    There is other stuff, but I am saving it for my autobiography :)

    Dancing Experience

    Two left feet

    Singing Experience

    If you value your glassware, don't let me sing.

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    • Modelling
    Personal Interests
    • Animals
    • Cars
    • Comedy
    • Cooking
    • Gardening
    • Holidays
    • Music
    • Travel
    Drinking habits
    • Occasional
    Driving Licences
    • Standard
    • Motorcycle
    Languages Spoken
    • English
    • Italian
    Physical build
    • Very Large
    • Extra
    Hair Length
    • Shoulder Length
    Perform nude?
    • Only Professionally
    Accents (UK)
    • Cockney
    • London
    Accents (International)
    • Australian
    • New Zealand
    Native accent
    • New Zealand