Kieran Billen

    • Model

    Male / London
  • Age Range
    20 - 26
    5' 8" (1m 75cm)
    13st. (83kg)
    Hair Colour
    Eye Colour
  • Education

    2013Sport and exercise scienceIslington and city college

    About me

    I compete in natural bodybuilding and am top 4 in the UK for my age. I am very into business and health, I combine the 2 by running my own buisness that's all about the truth in getting into shape and ignoring the lies out there. I am also a keen speaker that is often brought along whenever my friends meet girls to act as the ice breaker as I can talk about anything. I have been known to be remarkably charming and funny in ways most cannot get away with.

    My interests

    I compete in bodybuilding and I model

    I love fitness and working out.

    I love travelling and have meet lots of interesting people. I am also very much into buisness and politics

    Television experience

    None yet but am in contact with MTV ridiculousness

    Modelling experience

    Approached by abercrombier and Fitch for casting ( **contact removed** )

    Justin Tayler models **contact removed**

    Specific Skills

    Great at making conversation about anything with anyone. Confident keen and love to work hard. I am very into truth about health and exercise and run a multi million view YouTube channel about my bodybuilding progress

    Interesting Past Experiences

    I have over a million views on YouTube about my bodybuilding

    I travel every week or 2 to Monaco to meet my girlfriend who is 37

    I won the mr Wales natural bodybuilding completion and 4th in Britain (bnbf)

    I own a company that runs bodybuikding seminars

  • Skills

    Interested in
    • Acting Auditions
    • Documentaries / Real Life
    • Extra/Background Artist
    • Modelling
    Personal Interests
    • Extreme Sports
    • Sport
    • Supernatural
    Marital Status
    • In relationship
    Current Student
    • Yes
    Drinking habits
    • Occasional
    Physical build
    • Muscular
    • Model
    Hair Length
    • Short