Malcolm Hunt

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    Male / Greater London
  • Age Range
    46 - 52
    6' 1" (1m 88cm)
    11st. (70kg)
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    Eye Colour


YearRole / TypeName of Production / DirectorCompany / Venue
2009Photgraphic art model.
Statue.Final year photography student, Central St. Martin's.
  • Education

    1981Certificate of Secondary EducationMcEntee, Walthamstow

    About me

    In just 14 months since March 2009, I have continued to progress from just extra work to acting. I still have a high regard for background work as it is an invaluable education and always technically fascinating. I have increased the amount of acting roles under my belt, and have been lucky in getting more varied roles to boost my experience.

    I am also indebted to the North London Film Fund for their provision of work shops in a variety of skills which has helped enourmously.

    In my years previous to embarking on this crazy addictive adventure, I have gained much experience from a big variety of situations and walks of life.

    Growing up in London's East End suburb of Chingford was certainly interesting, and rather challenging sometimes as a relative outsider.

    No matter really, as it meant that I became bi-dilectual, and count myself fluent in both BBC and Estuary English.

    Add to that, a keen ear for my mum's native accent from Middlesborough; which is it's own amalgam of Yorkshire going on Co. Durham with a leaning towards Tyneside too. (Basically; Paul Gasgoine.)

    Emloyment has been as varied also. The true Cockney grit of Stratford locomotive depot train drivers and guards, with it's ethnically diverse array of colleagues, and an unsurpassed brand of hard nosed ready wit.

    A brief spell living in LA on a late teen adventure in 1984, saw me rubbing shoulders with all manner of folk from differing demographics, some of whom are impressively connected in the world of the entertainment industry.

    There have been other jobs, in music production and various factories and warehouses besides.

    I am lucky now, to have true friends who are pro actors. I met and got to know these people before it became apparent that this is their life -before I started, and I am most grateful to them for all the love, support and unswerving encouragement they give.

    My interests

    Attending and blogging about gigs/music, including interviews with past and present members of The Pipettes.


    Cycling, both leisure and utility.

    Natural History.

    Television experience

    It was an outdoor location shoot. I was a rickshaw rider, and my fleet Bugbugs, was commissioned to enhance the romantic setting for a dating show for Channel 5 TV in 2001.

    That was most interesting; working to direction and ferrying the 'lovebirds' for an actual date scene.

    Another time, there were two rickshaws involved. I was driving the director, camera and sound people while they concentrated on the other rickshaw's occupants as their subject.

    Modelling experience

    I still have the b&w contact sheet from a Hairdresser's portfolio that I did in 1985, around Queen Elizabeth's Hunting Lodge in Epping Forest. A friend was shooting for a specific portfolio to support his application for a US Immigration work visa. Soon afterwards, he opened up his own hairdressing salon; Bumble and Bumble in NYC.

    Acting experience

    My first spoken scripted role was playing the beleagured 'homeless man' in a hostel. A student docu-drama, THE SCARRED. Playing opposite to the lead, 'Maria', who was just getting seriously ill with schizophrenia, and she totally vitimised him from a point of aggressive deluded grandeur!

    A cracking piece; where the student writer/director Demetrio Marquez, had once again drawn upon local life and experience, this time to portray that elephant in the room called mental illness. The second of his degree films.

    My first spoken role with one or two lines in HEROIN(E), was improv on the day.

    A supporting role as a total mess of a junkie with drug fueled ideas above his station! I was god to all the unfortunates assembled, but a total sniveling, groveling little man when the boss walks in.

    The set was horribly convincing, laid out as a crack-whore den with all the crap and discarded paraphernalia you'd expect! I learned that day how it's easier to be drunk and seem sober, but isn't so easy to feign being out of your head.

    Happily, Director Nathan T Heys sent everyone an email of big congratulations for being the best cast/crew he'd worked with.

    I am an extra in this music video for The Indelicates. (Link below)

    Look out for the chap in the 'protest' crowd with the yellow Hi-Viz vest, pushing a bicycle.

    I had a choral part in a school production of Gilbert & Sullivan's The Mikado.

    Specific Skills

    A keen ear for regional accents.

    Train driving experience.

    Genuine pipe smoker.


    Rickshaw rider.

    Music blogger.

    Have had a role as assistant sound engineer in pro recording studios. I still know enough to realize, that my skills need updating to modern technology standards.

    Interesting Past Experiences

    Starstruck: Well, it was Saeed Jaffrey after all. Hollywood, Bollywood, Pinewood, he's done the lot! He sauntered out of The Kings Head in Carnaby Street, drink in hand, having just done his last night on stage in The King And I.

    I was looking for passengers for my rickshaw at the time. (Ironic image; if you think about it.) Very affable chap.

    *Living in LA in '84 among the newly emerged mod scene off the back of Quadrophenia's US release.

    *Being train crew at British Rail's largest locomotive depot in Stratford, east London. (Delightful characters -and some right old blighters- from a bygone East End!)

    *Being an intrepid cycle tourist, who's probably seen more of this nation than most.

    *My time in recording studios as assistant sound engineer.

    Singing Experience

    Larkswood school choir. (Aged 9)

    St. Edmunds church Choir. (9-13)

    Three rock/indie bands as lead vocalist.

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    • Acting Auditions
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    • Single
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