Nairobi Mansare

    • Actor

    Male / London
  • Ethnicity
    Mixed Race
    Age Range
    21 - 31
    1m 88cm (6' 1")
    102kg (224lb)
    Hair Colour
    Eye Colour
  • Education

    20143 yr. ActingSGS WISE CAMPUS

    About me

    I am a professionally trained actor and musician, attending both drama school and studying acting in further education. I have a wealth of experience both in front of a camera (and crew) and also live on-stage in front of crowds in the 200-400's range. I am trained in a variety of techniques such as Artaud.

    I am also a Streetwear and fitness model and influencer, shooting and working with such household brands as G-SHOCK and Myprotein, to name a few.

    My interests

    I'm interested in music, fashion, health and fitness, modelling and acting. All of these things are in the creative industry and I strongly believe that my skill and talent is now at a level where I can confidently execute all of them and be successful too.

    Television experience

    I have only starred in films, both as main roles and SA.

    Modelling experience

    I have been modelling for quite some time now, covering huge brands like G-SHOCK and BoohooMan to name a few. I'm a very confident model with an idea of what looks good and I'm also open to trying new things as well.

    Acting experience

    I'm a professionally trained actor, I've been training ever since I was roughly around 10/11 years of age (possibly even younger), I've attended performing arts school, studied acting at college and I'm now currently working as a part time actor in films and TV.

    Specific Skills

    I'm a rapper and natural bodybuilder.

    Interesting Past Experiences


    Dancing Experience


    Singing Experience

    I'm a rapper, have been ever since I could talk. I'm incredibly good at what I do, and have a very bright future ahead of me.

  • Skills

    Interested in
    • Acting Auditions
    • Documentaries / Real Life
    • Entertainment Shows
    • Extra/Background Artist
    • Modelling
    • Reality TV Shows
    Personal Interests
    • Animals
    • Cars
    • Charity
    • Children
    • Comedy
    • Cooking
    • Extreme Sports
    • Family
    • Health Issues
    • Holidays
    • Music
    • Politics
    • Relationships
    • Sport
    • Supernatural
    • Travel
    Marital Status
    • Single
    Current Student
    • No
    Drinking habits
    • Never
    Languages Spoken
    • English
    Physical build
    • Muscular
    • Actor
    Hair Length
    • Short
    Perform nude?
    • Yes
    Accents (UK)
    • Bristol
    • Essex
    • London
    • Manchester
    • South London
    • Yorkshire
    Accents (North American)
    • Californian
    • Mexico
    • Southern American
    • Texas
    Accents (International)
    • African (East)
    • African (North)
    • African (South)
    • African (West)
    • Chinese
    • Ghanaian
    • Jamaican
    • Mexican
    • Nigerian
    • Patois
    • Tanzanian
    • Ugandan
    • West-Indian
    • Zimbabwean
    Native accent
    • English