Sheila Wigley

    • Extra

    Female / Middlesex
  • Ethnicity
    Age Range
    58 - 66
    5' 6" (1m 70cm)
    13st. 12lb (88kg)
    Hair Colour
    Eye Colour



YearRole / TypeName of Production / DirectorCompany / Venue
2020 - 2021Passerby
Temple 2Hera Pictures
2020 - 2021Contestant
Game & Quiz Shows
Contestant on new Quiz show run through
Lizzy Skrzypiec
South Shore Productions
South Shore offices
  • Education

    1982PGCE English and Drama - DistinctionSouthlands
    1981BA Hons English and DramaLondon Uni

    About me

    I cannot imagine my life without Theatre, Film, TV or Literature- which may sound over dramatic but it is true. Who would have guessed the events over the past year would have occurred, prompting us all to rethink, re-evaluate and put well made plans on hold. It had always been my intention to become a Supporting Artiste when I stopped teaching if I could get the work- or/and use my voice in some way, as I have always been told it is deep, appealing and well modulated! I had a little taster of what it would be like in March, just prior to lockdown when I participated in the run through of a prospective new lunch time quiz show which was about to be spruiked. It was great fun but then we were all locked away.....Fortunately, we are back and ready for action once again. Hurrah! Two days of filming for Temple 2- was great! Ah, since then...a feature film, Breeders 2 and 2 advertisements.

    My interests

    Theatre, film, TV, Literature and Art - and now that I have returned to the UK after 20 years of working in Aus, (although I did visit Mum 3 times a year), travelling the UK with my partner and 2 dogs using the phrase Prettiest Villages in...... as the inspiration to where we will drive and walk at the weekend with the boys- Thomas the Staffy and Dougal, the Mini Foxy Cross Chihuahua. They, too, travelled from Australia and were extremely pleased to leave Heathrow I can tell you but at least there was no quarantine. Before lockdown we were fortunate enough to see The Welkin, A Taste of Honey, Uncle Vanya and Endgame. I really miss the pure joy it brings, let alone anything else. I hope Sir Andrew L-W was wrong when he said theatres are at the 'point of no return'. Other favourites of the past year- Joker- the acting, score and direction - sublime. Judy and Parasite- glorious!

    Television experience

    Only as a teacher ...we had a very poular daily TV channel and I was a regular contributor. Oh, and Ken and I decided to apply to Bargain Hunt this year and were selected from 'thousands' of applicants (And I am not joking!) It was cheese city but great fun.

    Modelling experience


    Acting experience

    Lots and lots at Uni and many, many experiences when I was teaching - from Rebecca Nurse to Mrs Alving, to the Lion in The Wizard of Oz, to a maid in TIOBE- to directing The Bacchae, The Real Inspector Hound, Monologues by Maya Levy, and voice over work for a number of videos for a friend's production company. I also featured in at least 6 of his Education documentaries for use in the classroom which had a Tomorrow's World set up. Additionally, I did the voice overs for his charity documentaries. He was involved in setting up a school and hospital in Nepal.

    Specific Skills

    People tell me I am an excellent communicator. Young people ie former students - seem to admire and respect me, as well as people I have worked with over the years, I might add. I may not be able to canter on a horse or juggle more than 3 balls for any length of time but I do have talent. I am also a good listener and I can take direction. People seem to think I am a good raconteur and quick witted. I realise the importance of time and the challenges some have in achieving happiness.

    Interesting Past Experiences

    Look, as a former English and Theatre teacher, I have a life time of stories from both in and out of the classroom! Eg...friend and I dressing as makeup artists carrying plastic expandable tool boxes and home made badges gate crashing Hammersmith Odeon to see band 10 cc..a different friend and I leaving a note on Nicky Henson's motorbike when he was starring in The Cherry Orchard and being invited to meet him after his performance in a new play ... cheekily writing to Pinewood to explain a student I was teaching wanted to work in film in Special Effects and being invited to attend a film shoot for the day which starred Al Pacino....(awful film I have to say- Revolution- ) going to a party at Noel Coward's Firefly in JA...and tripping down some stairs, landing at the feet of Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell who helped me up as I tried not to let my long skirt catch fire as it swept over one of the paper bags with a candle inside. (It was being used as a pretty lamp and had the potential to make me go up in flames like Mrs Haversham)..... the tip of the iceberg.....

    Dancing Experience

    Very little and always poorly.

    Singing Experience

    I come from the Rex Harrison School of Singing! (Only older people will understand this reference to the film My Fair Lady!)

    Additional Information

    I am able to work at very short notice. My partner's latest SA role was as a Male Passerby in the new series of Temple. We are happy to work together, if required.

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