Mark McMillan


YearRole / TypeName of Production / DirectorCompany / Venue
2016 - 2017Sound Technician
Jack & The Beanstalk
Mick Dundee & James Shone
Shone Productions
Middleton Arena
2016Sound Engineer
Murder at Shandy Hall
Michael Sheridan
Michael Sheridan
Cork Opera House
2016Sound Technician 1
Jack & The Beanstalk
Robert Pearce
Talent Artist Group
2016Sound Technician/Engineer
Briery Gap TheatreBriery Gap Theatre
2004 - 2007Product Specialst
Roland PlanetRoland UK
1993 - 1996Artst, Composer, Music Production and Sound Engneering training.
NakedPerfect Songs Publishing/ZTT Records
  • Education

    2013Masters Music TechnologyUniversity of Limerick

    Additional Skills

    MA Music Technology

    HND Computers, Multimedia & Software Design

    Additional Information

    I have played guitar live and in many recording studios environments over the years, including two Radio 1 sessions with Dale Griffin. I still occasionally play live and record.


    Michael Sheridan, Author, Director

    **contact removed**

    Anne Dunn, Musical Theatre Producer, Briery Gap

    **contact removed**

    Tony Evans, Head Technician, TAG Tours, Ltd

    **contact removed**

    Simon Aldridge, Senior Executive Writer and Publisher Relation Europe

    BMI, formerly Head of A&R ZTT, Sony Music Publishing

    **contact removed**

    About me

    A sound engineer with over twenty years experience working in recording studios, live venues and music theatre. Received advice and training from top professionals while working for a music publisher's run by a Grammy award winning producer. Acknowledged for having the ability to achieve a clear, articulate sound as well as a balanced musical mix in very challenging acoustic environments. Key strengths include:

    A vast experience working with different genres, e.g. Musical Theatre, Pantomime, Pop, Heavy Metal, Folk/Traditional, Jazz and Classical.

    Comprehensive knowledge of mic'ing and mixing large ensembles and various categories of instruments, e.g. Orchestral (brass, strings, woodwind, percussion) Choirs, as well as a typical Rock/Pop band setup.

    Excellent technical knowledge and problem solving skills after spending several years as a Music Technology Product Specialist and managing a team of consultants.

    Key Skills/Expertise

    • Comprehensive knowledge of digital and analog sound systems.

    • Handling a large amount of wireless systems.

    • Mixing and mic'ing techniques for a wide range of genres.

    • Mic'ing a large stage and large ensembles.

    • Microphones placement techniques including surround sound and broadcasting.

    • Qlab 3, operating and editing.

    • Fully equipped studio for sound design and creating soundscapes.

    • Expert level (Logic Pro) in audio editing, synchronising audio to visuals.

    • Expert level in analog and digital multi track recording and playback systems.

    Career Highlights

    Sound technician and sound designer for Ireland's first murder musical, written and directed by best selling author, Michael Sheridan. The musical was shown in Cork Opera House and was sold out. It now has a waiting list and more dates are planned in 2017.

    The show consisted of an ensemble cast of 30, plus 17 primaries (all on wireless headsets) and an 8 piece band. I put shotgun mics across the front of the stage to minimise spill from the band in the pit. I put a mixture of cardioid condensers and figure of 8 condensers suspended from the lighting bars on stage, above the ensemble and rode the faders, following the activity of the ensemble cast.

    Work History

    Recent Examples of Theatre work

    November 2016 – January 2017 Sound Engineer, Sound Designer and

    Operator, Shone Productions, Middleton Arena, Manchester

    • Pantomime, Jack & The Beanstalk (61 shows)

    • 10 ensemble cast, 3 piece band with backing tracks

    • Roland M-400 digital desk

    November 2016 Sound Technician, The Nualas

    • All female comedy music band

    • Mackie 24-4-2 Analog desk

    October 2016 Sound Technician, Cork Opera House

    • Musical Theatre, Murder at Shandy Hall starring Patrick Bergin

    • 33 ensemble cast, 17 primaries and 8 piece band

    • Yamaha LS-9 48 channel digital desk (added inputs option)

    June – August 2016 Sound Technician, Tag Tours Ltd UK

    • 10 week tour consisting of daily get ins and get outs

    • Sound Design & Engineering

    • Allan & Heath, analog desk

    Sept 2014 – Present Sound Technician, Briery Gap, Ireland

    • Responsible for sound set up, supervision and operation

    • Plays, Musical theatre, Pantomime and Music ensembles, Comedy,

    Traditional, Country, Jazz, Rock, Heavy Metal

    • Various digital & analog Mixing consoles, e.g. X32, M32, LS-9, Mackie, Toft

    2011 – 2014 Engineer/Producer, Jaggie Bunnet Studios, Limerick

    • Sound Design, Audio editing and synchronisation of audio to video

    • INA-5 Surround sound recording technique

    2008 – 2010 Manager, Wembley Guitar & PA Centre, London

    • Responsible for running every aspect of the company

    • Successfully demonstrated organisational skills.

    2007 – 2008 Manager, Media Tools, Turnkey, London

    • Trained and managed a team of twelve music technology product specialists

    • Successfully demonstrated man management skills

    2004 – 2007 Product Specialist, Roland UK, Swansea

    • Demonstrated Roland & Boss products, problem solved technical issues

    • Acknowledged for displaying patience and communication skills

    2002 – 2004 Musician, Arranger, Blue Planet Sound, France

    Assisted in music therapy classes

    Recorded CD with Tommy Hayes (award winning Irish percussionist)

    1996 – 2002 Engineer, Producer, Composer, Markymac’s Room, Glasgow

    Composition, soundscape, ensemble recording

    Clients included “The Scottish Tourist Board”

    1993 – 1996 Composer, Musician, Trainee Engineer, Perfect Songs Publishing/ZTT Records

    Owned and run by Emmy award winning producer Trevor Horn

    Received training in both analogue and digital systems.


    2012 – 2014Master of Arts (MA) Music Technology, University of Limerick

    200 – 2002 HND Computers & Multimedia Design, City of Glasgow


    Michael Sheridan, Author, Director

    **contact removed**

    Anne Dunn, Musical Theatre Producer, Briery Gap

    **contact removed**

    Tony Evans, Head Technician, TAG Tours, Ltd

    **contact removed**

    Simon Aldridge, Senior Executive Writer and Publisher Relation Europe

    BMI, formerly Head of A&R ZTT, Sony Music Publishing

    **contact removed**


    Playing guitar, music performance, experimenting with recording and production techniques: Animal rescue and rehabilitation: Travelling.

  • Skills

    Organisation Memberships
    • BECTU (UK)
    Years in industry
    • 6+ years
    Company Experience
    • Children's Theatre
    • Educational Theatre
    • Regional Theatre
    • UK Touring Theatre
    Experienced In
    • Circus
    • Comedy
    • Drama
    • Live Events
    • Musicals
    • Pantomime
    Work Permits
    • EU
    Interested in
    • Cruises
    • European Tour
    • Film / TV
    • Live Events
    • UK Tour
    • World Tour
    DBS checked
    • No
    Driving Licences
    • Standard

    Professional Recommendations

    Adam Murdoch Lighting Designer

    Worked with Mark on Panto 2016, great sound engineer, able to make Middleton Arena sound really great!! Detailed level of sound acoustics!