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Kiefer Sutherland stars as federal agent Jack Bauer of the Los Angeles Counter Terrorism Unit in 24. The series which ran for eight seasons on Fox progresses entirely in real time so a whole season of 24 one hour episodes shows the time period of a single day in the lives of Jack, his family (including daughter Kim and wife Terri) his co-workers which include Tony Almeida, Nina Myers and Chloe O Brian and political figures such as David and Wayne Palmer and Charles Logan (played by Gregory Itzin)

Production Company: Real Time Productions

Year of Publication: 2001

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Felburg/armed man
Secret Service
Katherine Jackman (Hostage 3)
Personal Assistant
CIA Security Guard
US Embassy Executive/Support
Presidential Aide
Stolnavich's guard
CIA Tactical Assault Team (Special Action)
CIA Agent
Jack Bauer (Stand In Double)
Model Maker