TV Show directory - Coronation Street

The UKs longest running soap opera, followed by Emmerdale which also airs on ITV. It is set in Weatherfield, a fictional town in Greater Manchester.

The first episode hit screens in December 1960 and the show has gone from strength to strength. The show went on to become the most watched show on British television. It has been praised for its 'kitchen sink realism' and has continued to capture the hearts of audiences with each subsequent generation. It has literally hundreds of award nominations and countless wins.

The soap has had a long running battle with the BBC's Eastenders, which has been seen to have a grittier feel to the often light-hearted and comedic tone of Corrie (as it is known by fans).

The show's audience have grown up with the families depicted on the screen for so long that they are seen by many as real. Some of the most beloved families include, the Barlows, Platts, Connors, McDonalds, Websters & Grimshaws. William Roache who plays Ken Barlow starred in the show's first episode.

Due to the soap's incredible popularity there have been spinoffs, crossovers and films a plenty. This has lead to countless Mandy members finding work on show over the years. The shows draws around 6 million viewers per episode and so it is set to continue for many years more. It celebrates its 60th anniversary in 2020.

Production Company: Granada Television, ITV Studios

Year of Publication: 1960

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Security Guard
Camera Operator
Art Department Assistant
MS Copeland
Visitor to pub
Rover drinker
Script Editor
PC Rowland
Lucy Barnes
Youth Court Judge
Dr Douglas
Camera Operator
Lou Breslin
Tom Carswood (2 episodes)
Susan Parker