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racker first hit british screens on ITV back in 1993, the brainchild of Granada Television and Jimmy McGovern. It ran officially as series until 1995, with a one off special screened in late 1996 (with a new one-off special now due in 2005) and went on to win numerous awards around the world, with Robbie Coltrane picking up the BAFTA award for Best Actor three years running. It centered around Dr Edward Fitzgerald, otherwise known as Fitz, a criminal psychologist bought into assist the Manchester Police Force profile and catch killers. Cracker, during it's UK run was a phenomenal success. So successful it has since spun an american remake. The premise of the show was both topical and ingenious: topical because in 1993 police forces in Britain were beginning to use more and more criminal psychologists to help with their investigations, and ingenious because with the combination of the officers of the Greater Manchester Police and 'consultant psychologist' Fitz, there was the potential to combine the more conventional crime thriller elements and the question of 'whodunnit' with the deeper and more disturbing question of 'why'.

Production Company: Granada Television/ITV

Year of Publication: 1993

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