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Dispatches is the British television current affairs documentary series on Channel 4, first transmitted in 1987.

The programme covers issues about British society, politics, health, religion, international current affairs and the environment.

Production Company: Channel 4

Year of Publication: 1987

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Alternative Names

  • Lessons in Hate: Channel 4 Dispatches
  • DISPATCHES: Who Took Your Pension?
  • Dispatches: Undercover Hospital
  • Dispatches: The Westminster Gravy Train
  • Dispatches: The Unknown Crime
  • Dispatches: The Truth About Your Dentist
  • Dispatches: The Truth about Footballers and Drugs
  • Dispatches: The Supermarket That’s Eating Britain
  • Dispatches: The Real Price of Gold
  • Dispatches: The Mobile Phone Rip-off
  • Dispatches: The Inconvenient Truth
  • Dispatches: The Big Job Hunt
  • Dispatches: On Pain of Death
  • Dispatches: Mum, Dad, Alzheimer’s & Me
  • Dispatches: Mum Loves Drugs, Not Me…,
  • Dispatches: MPs, Planes & Gravy Trains
  • Dispatches: Jon Snow's Hidden Iraq
  • Dispatches: Jon Snow's American Journey
  • Dispatches: Iraq: The Women's Story
  • DIspatches: Iraq: The Lost Generation
  • Dispatches: Immigration Undercover
  • Dispatches: Getting Rich on the NHS
  • Dispatches: Election Uncovered
  • Dispatches: Disarming Britain
  • Dispatches: Date Rape
  • Dispatches: Children Of Gaza
  • Dispatches: Can you trust your bank?
  • Dispatches: After School Arms Club
  • Dispatches Series
  • Dispatches S27E29 (12-08-13)
  • Dispatches Investigates
  • Dispatches Britain's Millionaire Criminals
  • Dispatches "Nurses"
  • Dispatches "Dirty Doctors"
  • Dispatches 'Why The Banks Went Bust'
  • Dispatches 'Orphans of Burma's Cyclone'
  • Dispatches 'How Long Will it Last'
  • Dispatches - The True Cost of Cheap Food
  • Dispatches - Secrets from the Cockpit
  • Dispatches - Crash: How the Banks Went Bust
  • Dispatches - Crash: How Long Will It Last?
  • Dispatches - China's Stolen Children
  • Channel 4 Dispatches: Iraq: The Betrayal
  • Ch4 Dispatches
  • C4 Dispatches