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Just for Laughs is a Northern Irish hidden camera comedy show for Saturday nights on BBC ONE, produced by Wild Rover Productions and produced by Philip Morrow.[2] It began airing in 2003 and ran for six seasons, going off air in 2006.[citation needed] During its run, it was the only Saturday night entertainment show currently on network BBC One to be produced by an independent television company based outside London.[3]. Repeats of the episodes are currently being shown on the Five sister channel Fiver.

Just for Laughs was filmed primarily in and around Belfast, Northern Ireland, and Glasgow, Scotland. The Belfast Botanic Gardens were a common filming location for pranks.[4]

Just for Laughs is a sister show to the Canadian show Just For Laughs Gags, and the format of the two is identical. Some of the clips for Just for Laughs are taken directly from Just for Laughs Gags, and vice versa. In the United States, it plays on ABC.[5

Production Company: BBC ONE

Year of Publication: 2006

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