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Kryminalni was a Polish crime drama television series that aired on TVN network from September 18, 2004 until May 24, 2008. It ran for 8 seasons and 101 episodes were broadcast in total. It was created by Polish director and screenwriter Piotr Wereśniak.

The series followed life and work of police officers from the elite Criminal Terror and Murders Division of the Warsaw Metropolitan Police; the title refers to police officers in the crime section. The three main characters were Adam Zawada, an experienced, tough cup, his younger colleague Marek Brodecki and Barbara (Basia) Storosz, an ambitious female officer who in the first season joins the team just after graduating.

Many of Poland's best known actors guest starred, usually playing roles of people involved in just one particular investigation. The serial is one of the most popular in Poland.

Production Company: MTL Maxfilm studio

Year of Publication: 2004

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