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If you're going to do the crime, you might as well do it with passion. "Scorned: Love Kills" is perfect Saturday night TV for those who prefer a voyeuristic peek into how lust and obsession can destroy lives. From dalliances with strip-club dancers to teachers falling for their students, the stories featured in this series mix sexual intrigue with bedroom betrayal to form a scandalous recipe for murder.

Production Company: Optomen Productions

Year of Publication: 2012

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Alternative Names

  • Scorned: Love Kills 5
  • Scorned: Love Kills 4
  • Scorned: Love Kills 3
  • Scorned: Love Kills 2
  • Scorned: Love Kills 1
  • Scorned: Crimes of Passion
  • Master of Seduction / The Millionaire's Mistress
  • Afternoon Delight