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Reeve & McIntyre present THATCH THE MOON!

This story's a bit different than our usual… for starters, it's completely free! You can listen to the whole story in five videos. Second, it doesn't have any pictures! Well, Sarah McIntyre made an animation to open the story, with music created specially by Philip's wife, Sarah Reeve. But it's mostly an audio book, read by brilliant actor Amy Sutton. So we are hoping you might listen to Amy tell the story and draw some of your own pictures while you listen! Perhaps you could draw one or more of the characters: for example, Lily and her dog, Ponty, Lady FrouFrou with her wild fashion statements, or Bill Thatcher and Lily at work. Or you could draw a scene from the story, or imagine your own scenario: what would your house or block of flats look like with over-the-top ridiculously fancy thatching? What would YOU look like thatched??

Production Company: Reeve & McIntyre

Year of Publication: 2020

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Season 1 , Episode 1