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The Athena, a 30-minute drama, follows the journey of Nyela Malik (Balinska), a young model whose career implodes when she dares to complain about a famous designer treating her like an object.

Nyela decides she wants to design her own clothes rather than wear other people’s, and wins a place at The Athena, London’s most prestigious art school. It’s a fresh new start, but it’s also the start of fresh new challenges for Nyela. The Athena is full of super-creative, super-ambitious students, photographers, costume designers, graphic artists, fashion designers, jewelry-makers, all intent on pursuing their dreams at any cost. As Nyela navigates this exhilarating but scary new world, she’s also being pulled back into her old life, thanks to her two model friends Miju and Lexy.

Production Company: Bryncoed Productions

Year of Publication: 2018

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