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The show's opening episode introduces us to police officer, and lead protagonist, Rick Grimes who wakes up to find the world overrun by zombies. Based on the popular comic book series of the same name, the show became one of the most popular TV shows in the world. At its height the show pulled in 17.30 million viewers per episode.

The show is famed for its willingness to kill off main characters in any given episode whether it be a season finale or mid season, a trait it shares with Game of Thrones. With more than 10 seasons the show has had countless characters come and go since its launch in 2010. Some of the fan favourite characters include:

  • Rick Grimes

  • Glenn Rhee

  • Daryl Dixon

  • Carol Peletier

  • Maggie Greene

  • Michonne

  • Morgan Jones

The show has featured plenty of established actors over the years and made stars of many more. The production is crew intensive due to its scale and subject matter. From makeup and stunts, to music and script writing the show has an incredible team that have kept viewers hooked for over a decade.

As with a lot of the big US TV shows, The Walking Dead is shot in Atlanta, Georgia (at Riverwood Studios, also known as Raleigh Studios Atlanta).

Given the abrupt start of the show's narrative & its sheer popularity, fans were keen to understand what happened before we met Rick Grimes, which lead AMC to produce the spin off prequel show Fear The Walking Dead. AMC have announced that more spin offs are in the works as well as a number of films.

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Production Company: AMC Studios

Year of Publication: 2010

Connected mandy members

Dawn Bush
Jewson employee
Jay White
Sound Supervisor
Sound Mixer
Season 7
Michael Brownlee
Production Assistant
Set Production Assistant
Episode 16
Jon Rosenthal
Visual Effects Supervisor
3d Animator
Season 1 , Episode 1
Seth Donald
Visual Effects Artist
Senior Visual Effects Artist
Season 1
Jess Clark
Production Co-ordinator
Production Consultant/ Frank Darabont's Assistant