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Tracy Beaker Returns is a BAFTA nominated British children's television series which premiered on 8 January 2010 on CBBC and BBC HD. It is the sequel to The Story of Tracy Beaker.

When Tracy is arrested for using Cam Lawson's credit card to publish her autobiography, Tracy seeks refuge at the Dumping Ground. She meets the children who are intrigued by her and her story. Needing to pay Cam back, Tracy asks Mike for a job and because he is short-staffed, Mike agrees to make her an assistant care worker. But Gina Conway (a careworker) thinks that Tracy wants the kids to think she is cool. Tracy then sets about getting to know the many children and their cases. The main story arcs involve Tracy's weekly column in the local newspaper, Lily's struggle to stop being maternal to her sisters, Tee trying to gain her independence away from Johnny, Sapphire's annoyance with her situation, Gus becoming more sensitive and Liam and Frank's continual, money making schemes.

Tracy treats the children as she liked to be treated which sometimes includes breaking the rules for the happiness of the children. Tracy becomes close to Lily nearer the end of the series and regularly argues with Sapphire.

The show would later spin off to introduce the immensely popular The Dumping Ground.

Production Company: BBC

Year of Publication: 2009

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  • Tracy Beaker Returns: Series 3
  • Tracey Beaker Returns