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This acclaimed documentary series provides viewers with a first-person perspective on unseen parts of society and its subcultures, offering glimpses into the lives of people involved in everything from politics to pornography and cheerleading.

Production Company: Bandito Films, Gigantic! Productions, Moxie Firecracker Films

Year of Publication: 1998

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Alternative Names

  • TrueLife: Secrets, Sex, and Lies
  • True Life: I've Been Shot
  • True Life: I'm in a Mixed Weight Relationship
  • True Life: I'm Dating a Mama's Boy
  • True Life: I'm Breaking Up With My Religion
  • True Life: I'm Allergic to Everything
  • True Life: I'm Addicted to the Internet
  • True Life: I'm a Sex Offender
  • True Life: I Can't HAve Sex
  • True Life: I can't have an orgasm
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  • True Life—My Family Hates My Boyfriend
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