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Our "Urban Myths" are stories that have been passed down over time and have now become part of urban folklore. But are they true?

Production Company: Sky Arts

Year of Publication: 2017

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Alternative Names

  • Urban Myths: Scrambled Eggs
  • Urban Myths: Paul McCartney
  • Urban Myths: Mick and Margaret
  • Urban Myths: Johnny Cash and the Ostrich
  • Urban Myths: Bleak House Guest
  • Urban Myths: Backstage at Live Aid
  • Urban Myths, episode
  • Urban myths series 2: Backstage at Live Aid
  • Urban Myths / One normal Night
  • Urban Myths - The Sex Pistols vs Bill Grundy
  • Urban Myths - Grace Under Pressure
  • Urban Myths - Donald Trump and Andy Warhol
  • BLEAK HOUSE GUEST (Part of Sky Arts’ celebrated Urban Myths strand)