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Wife Swap takes a fun look at how couples run their lives. The series lifts the lid on the choices different people make: how they divide up parenting, shopping and house work, spending priorities and what they want from their social life. Here is a rare opportunity to witness what it is like to live someone else's life and experiences.

The two women of each family trade places for ten days to see what it is like to live in another family's home. It doesn't interfere with their normal everyday work life, but instead of returning to their own home, they return to their new family's home. What is it like to live with a different spouse? How do they cope being a mother to a stranger's children? For the first five days of the challenge, they fit into their new family's lifestyle, and adopt their daily routine – which may be far removed from their own! For the remaining five days, they have the opportunity to bring their own ideas into the running of the new household. Once the ten day challenge is complete, both families meet up and talk about their experiences. They discuss how the ten days has affected their own relationship.

Production Company: RDF Media

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Alternative Names

  • Wife Swap for ABC
  • Wife Swap
  • The Wife Swap
  • Celebrity Wife Swap