Adrian Landers


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YearRole / TypeName of Production / DirectorCompany / Venue
2020I presented the Insomnia" event philosophy to customers & guests through my voice over, which was recorded in the form of a speech.
2020I provided the voice of the '50-70' year old main character.
Animation / Cartoons
Private Pensions animationLiquona
2020In the final episode of the current series, I performed the role of Tony; an ex pat Farmer, living in France, who is interviewed by Miles Burton Reeves. This episode was first available on Spotify on 25.02.2020.
A Feast for the Ears with Miles Burton Reeves. Episode 6. Available on Spotify.Alleyways Productions
2019I provided the voice of an 83 year old male character. The job specification was 'The character who recites the text is 83 years old. We therefore need a very serious voice and with low tones. "
Internal DocumentaryRecording Di Barbara Zorzi.
2019I provided the voices for three characters (cockney horse, scouse cat & Cockney elephant) for this innovative short animation involving shadow puppets.
Animation / Cartoons
Data Narratives - 'We Are Not Robots.'Philpott Design
2019I provided the voice of 'Brian'
Animation / Cartoons
MPS promotional video.25 Frames Design
2019I provided the voice of 'The Interviewer.'
AfterLives. Animated Documentary. Documental.The University of Leeds
  • Education

    Gary Terzza VOmasterclassGary Terzza VOmasterclass.

    Industry Awards

    A relative newcomer to voice over work. Attended the Gary Terzza Voice Over Workshop.

    Additional Skills

    Highly versatile British male voice. Impressive range of accents and characters

    Short description of my voice

    Gravelly, Mellow, Soothing

    Believable and accessible for corporates and elearning

    Husky and reassuring for commercials and promos

    Characterful storytelling for audiobooks and narration


    Available on request

  • Skills

    Accents (International)
    • Cork
    • Dublin
    • Irish
    Accents (UK)
    • Aberdeen
    • Belfast
    • Cockney
    • Edinburgh
    • English, standard
    • Geordie
    • Glasgow
    • Leicester
    • Liverpool
    • London
    • Northern England
    • Northern Irish
    • Northern Working Class
    • Scottish, Standard
    • Sheffield
    • South London
    • Southern England
    • Stoke-on-Trent
    • Yorkshire
    Accents (North American)
    • General American
    • New York City
    • Texas
    Languages Spoken
    • English
    Home Studio
    • Yes
    ISDN Line
    • Yes
    Media Specialism
    • Audiobooks
    • Cartoons
    • Commercials
    • Corporate
    • Documentary
    • Dubbing
    • Jingles
    • Narration
    • Podcasts
    • Spoken word & performance poetry
    Age Range
    • Children
    • Under 20
    • 20 - 30
    • 30 - 45
    • 45+
    Native accent
    • English
    Voice Style
    • Deep
    • Friendly
    • Husky
    • Reassuring
    • Rich
    • Sophisticated
    • Warm
    • No