Blair Barnette

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YearRole / TypeName of Production / DirectorCompany / Venue
2005Lounge Singer
In The Blink Of An EyeMana Films
2000Sexy Portuguese Female
Tabu Nightclub - Radio SpotWHTQ 96.5 FM
1991 - 1992Various Roles
Radio Drama seriesWUFT 89.1 FM
1988 - 1991DJ/PROMOS/SPOTS
FM 96 AOR RadioFM 96 AOR Radio
1986 - 1991DJ/PROMOS/SPOTS
WVVS College RadioWVVS College Radio
  • Education

    1991Postgraduate Diploma in Acting for TV, Film and RadioValdosta State College

    Additional Skills

    I’m currently working as a Production Designer in the film and TV industry. I’m a former child actor from LA and I’ve had a good career in theatre in my teens and early twenties. In America, I worked for the Nickelodeon art departmentfor over 10 years and here in the UK, I’m currently working on mid-size feature films, BBC & Channel 4 costume dramas, and many national ad campaigns. I have years of experience ‘on-set’ across Hollywood big features to small guerrilla shoots.

    I’m American, with a very neutral deeper tone North American accent. I’ve worked in radio and voiceover, as well as being a singer.

    In the past few years, I’ve ended up on camera quite frequently due to my proximity when I’m working as a designer/art director, being grabbed by an AD when needed. In the recent featured roles I have performed, I have found that I have a sense of self now that I’m more mature that I didn’t possess when I was younger and my performances are stronger now as a result. I’d like to come back to the field and start acting again. I’m already perfectly at home on set and understand the language and protocol. As a designer it’s easy for me to assimilate a brief and get into the head of what’s required from a performance, and even background subtleties count. Sometimes they want ‘you’. Sometimes you just need to be set dressing, a splash of strategic colour or bit of motion camera right.

    Here is a link to my IMDb page, although there are only 5 acting credits there, the majority is my work in the Art Department.

    Short description of my voice

    General American accent, professional, medium tone, young and light. Versatile, character voices also available.

    I'm an American, born in California, and have lived in South Georgia and New York City. I have a diverse range of American dialects.

  • Skills

    Accents (International)
    • Brazilian
    • Danish
    • French
    • Swedish
    Accents (North American)
    • Boston
    • Californian
    • Canadian
    • General American
    • Midwest Farm & Ranch
    • New York City
    • Southern American
    • Texas
    • Upper-Class Massachusetts
    Languages Spoken
    • French
    Home Studio
    • Yes
    ISDN Line
    • Yes
    Media Specialism
    • Cartoons
    • Commercials
    • Documentary
    • Jingles
    • Lip Synch / ADR
    • Narration
    • Radio
    • Spoken word & performance poetry
    • Video Games
    Work Permits
    • EU
    • USA
    Native accent
    • American - Standard
    Organisation Memberships
    • BECTU (UK)
    Voice Style
    • Angry
    • Artistic
    • Authoritative
    • Dopy
    • Dry / Sarcastic
    • Fun
    • Luxurious / Smooth
    • Natural
    • Rich
    • Scary / Intimidating
    • Sexy
    • Soft / Gentle
    • Sophisticated
    • Versatile
    Age Range
    • Under 20
    • 20 - 30
    • 30 - 45
    • 45+