Doro Jillings


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YearRole / TypeName of Production / DirectorCompany / Venue
2021Producer and Narrator under the name Emma Parry
Ragnar A Viking Warrior RomanceSky Purington Author
2020Producer Narrator
Prologue A Viking Warrior romance ( Viking Surrender Book 1)Ashe Barker
2019Producer and Narrator
Her Majesty's Witch ( A Bayla and thr Golem Novel Book 2) by Eva GordonEva Gordon Author
  • Education

    1967GeneralPublic school

    Additional Skills

    Production and Editing of Audio ready to use.

    Doro with a wide vochal range, has multiple varieties of character voices from Children ,Old men and Women, Duchesses and Lords, Phsycopaths,Vikings, Witches and Vampires !

    Short description of my voice

    Doro Jillings a British voice actor with a classically elegant and refined voice.

    Doro's passion is for communication and the written word, covering all genres and dialects. Her love is to give voice to the myriad of rich characters she meets on the page, entering their world and bringing it to her listeners.

    Doro with a wide vochal range, has multiple varieties of character voices from Children ,Old men and Women, Duchesses and Lords, Phsycopaths,Vikings, Witches and Vampires !


    Gary Terzza

    Doro's voice is classically elegant and her delivery is crystal clear and precise. A charming ,switched-on person to work with too. Highly recommended


    Author Dame D J,

    Am listening to the book now again and its SO GOOD!! Its just gets better...

    I am going to research nominating you for some audio awards...

    There is a theatrical element which is special.

    Author Sharoll Louise

    Bravo! You deserve an Oscar. I have to tell you, Doro, that I was so excited when I first heard your Dowager Duchess's voice, at marker 3:50. I had to play it for my husband, Tom, who was as impressed as I. And I laughed aloud, at about 20:05, and other places as well. You channelled a cross between Dame Joan Plowright and my grandmother, who was my pattern for my favourite older characters. Unbelievably, it brought sudden tears to my eyes, as she was also my mother figure.

    Thank you; what a magical holiday gift!

    Author Dame D J

    Wonderful!!! its such a small word to use...excellent, well done, perfect and gets better every time...for a change I am at a loss for words.

    Gary Terzza

    My voice over student +doro jillings has now finished narrating the audiobook Rose Hill Manor by author +Sharol Louise.

    A fine British delivery from a talented voice actor

    Congratulations on being awarded another book... and the Rose Hill Manor book sounds fantastic; assured delivery with impressive characterisations- beautifully recorded too.

    Author Dame D J.

    Evening to you Doro and you should feel very proud of yourself. Again you have achieved a wonderful artistic piece bringing to life words that lay flat on a page waiting to be unleashed.

    You could bring life to the 'News at 10.00'!!! Its a great talent in this world.

    VIKING BEAST by Emmanuelle de Maupassant.( Viking Warriors Book 3 ) narrated in my alias name Emma P.

    "I concur with Emmanuelle, this is "Emma's best work". Well done! (Stupid Fish productions L.A.)

    Emmanuelle's comments

    Emma did a great job. Love all the voices.

    Chapter 8 was particularly good :)

    and the middle-eastern trader in Chapter 12

    and the crone in Chapter 13

    Emma's best work yet I'd say.

    Sin Repent Repeat Ironash by A J Harlem Audition 15th february 2020

    "I loved your audition, I've sent you an offer and made the dates very long - and I'm flexible on them too, so please don't feel any pressure from my end. For me it's just nice to know it's in the pipeline for later this year with a narrator whose voice is spot-on for the characters.

    SIN REPENT REPEAT, IRONASH By A J Harlem Ist fifteen minutes. 6th April 2020

    You're narration is utterly brilliant, I'm so pleased you took this project on and that you're enjoying it. Please don't change anything, you've got the characters so far spot on. I'll look forward to hearing more.

    Sin Repent Repeat Ironash by A J Harlem 1st Three Chapters 11th August 2020.

    Hi Doro I've listened to the first three chapters, you're reading absolutely brilliantly, I love it, thank you so much. Looking forward to more, Lily

    Additional Information

    Ragnar A Viking Warrior Romance Viking Surrender Book Three by Sky Purington

    Audition Ragnar "That was awesome! Loved it. Great accent! Definitely looking forward to working with you."

    I enjoyed working with you as well! Such a beautiful voice. Would love to commission you again whenever you're available for two back-to-back interconnected historical pirate romances.

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    • English
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    • Authoritative
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    • Empathic
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    • Cockney
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    • 3 to 6 years